Bronx Zoo

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A trip to the Bronx Zoo will prove to be an inspiring and educational experience for all families. Moms, dads, and kids stand to gain great knowledge from the expansiveness of this zoo. From the Butterfly Garden to the Congo Gorilla Forest, there is something for everyone.

Bronx Zoo Exhibits

The Bronx Zoo encompasses 265 acres and is massive in size and information. The zoo, which first greeted families in 1899, remains a family favorite that emphasizes impressive exhibits while supporting the importance of wildlife conservation. The zoo offers educational sessions that incorporate learning while still providing a fun, hands-on environment.

Another way to maximize the experience of the zoo is to spend the day with an expert. Tour guides are available for a small fee to provide the family with additional information, as well as to answer questions for curious family members.

The Congo Gorilla Forest

One of the main attractions of the Bronx Zoo is the Congo Gorilla Forest. It is 6.5 acres and features more than 400 animal species. The setting of this exhibit is an African rainforest, which is also the backdrop for one of the largest breeding grounds in the world for lowland gorillas. The exhibit details the need for rainforests and provides visitors with ideas for contributing to the preservation of rainforests everywhere. Throughout this exhibit, it is possible for the entire family to come up close with a gorilla. Visitors are also encouraged to use their five senses in order to detect animal presence, just as if they were on a true rain forest exploration.

The Butterfly Garden and Bug Carousel

The Butterfly Garden and Bug Carousel are both exciting ways to get to know the insect world while visiting the Bronx Zoo. The Butterfly Garden is home to more than 1,000 North American butterflies. The 5,000 square foot garden hideaway is just as gorgeous as the butterflies within. The massive gardens provide the butterflies with the necessities of life. Just remember that butterflies take a winter break.

Don't forget to also visit the Bug Carousel while here. Children love to take a ride on a giant beetle as parents inspect and discover the nearby insects.

Tiger Mountain

One of the most exhilarating exhibits at the Bronx Zoo is Tiger Mountain. Here, kids can come face to face with a tiger. The tigers exhibits are designed to mimic their natural habitats and the tigers are encouraged to maintain their natural tendencies, making for a very realistic glimpse into the life of these majestic creatures.Families are also able to observe a true training session between a tiger and its keeper while here. The only separation between the tigers and guests is a glass partition, which allows visitors to see the mechanics of the tiger up close.


With tickets under $10.00 per person, the Bronx Zoo appeals to families on every budget. The vast number of things to do and to see is a steal with such a small price to pay. Due to the Bronx Zoo being the "largest metropolitan" zoo in the world, the visit and exploration of the grounds is an all day event.

Families that feel wildlife conservation is an important issue also have the opportunity to contribute charitable amounts of money to this cause. Donations made through the Wildlife Conservation Society will help with the conservation of animals will also providing families with free admission for one year to the Bronx Zoo. In addition, the donation is a tax write off and teaches the children the importance of contributing and making a difference in the world.

The Convenience of the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is easy to get to from all over the tri-state area, which makes it a convenient destination for families. There are also several options available for lunch at the Bronx Zoo, which is especially convenient for those families with picky eaters. On the other hand, the variety of foods offered is appealing to families that may want to try something different. With two cafes, an African market, and an Asian eatery, there is certainly something for everyone. Snack stands and picnic tables are also available for families who decide to bring in a picnic lunch.

Bronx Zoo