10 Vegetarian Travel Tours for Any Budget

Bicycle Beano tour group eating
Bicycle Beano tour group eating

Eating out while traveling can sometimes be tricky for vegetarians, so finding top-rated vegetarian travel tours can be the perfect solution when you want to focus on meat-free meals. Surprisingly, numerous vacation tour packages are vegetarian-themed, both domestically and internationally. Having a list of these tours makes it easy to find one that meets your interests, budget, and the amount of vacation time you have available.

1. Vegetarian Cycling Tours

If you love working out (especially biking), consider Bicycle Beano's cycling holidays. You'll enjoy delicious and nutritious vegetarian cuisine during your tour and explore the gorgeous sights and sounds of Wales, South and West England, or the Welsh Borders depending on which tour you choose. Although you get to cycle at your own pace and choose your distance, it helps to be in shape before beginning this tour. When you book a bicycle tour, generally offered four times per year, you may get to experience:

  • Several full days of cycling
  • Historic town markets
  • Ruined castles
  • Peaceful cycling lanes
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Forgotten villages

Cost range: $530 to $1,200

Length of stay: Three to seven days

Bicycle Beano tour
Bicycle Beano tour

2. Vegetarian Peru Adventures

See the sights and sounds of Peru by choosing a travel adventure with Vegetarian Peru Adventures. When booking a tour through this company, you can choose from a variety of private vegetarian and vegan excursions or customize your own tour based on sites you'd like to see. Vegetarian Peru Adventures has been in business for years and has tours available year round. Your itinerary varies depending on which tour you choose and may include visiting Inka sites, taking a nature hike, or visiting Lake Titicaca. Tours offered by Vegetarian Peru Adventures include:

  • Inka sites of Cusco, Machu Picchu, and The Sacred Valley

  • Inka Adventures (Inka sites)

  • Lake Titicaca and Taquile Island

  • Manu Cloud Forest and Lowlands

  • Manu Biosphere Reserve

  • Condor Sighting Holidays

  • Yoga and Wellness Holidays

  • Inca Trail Holiday (You must be willing to hike for several hours at a time.)

  • Private Nazca Tour

  • Taylor Made Tours

Cost range: $675 to $2,500 per person

Length of stay: Four to 12 days depending on tour

Yoga & wellness holidays at Yoga Limatambo Guesthouse
Vegetarian Peru Adventures yoga

3. VegVoyages Vegan Adventures

VegVoyages Vegan Adventures offers a variety of year-round tours to places like India, Bali, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand. During your journey, you'll enjoy delicious vegan food at each meal and leave with a better understanding of each country's culture, history, and people. When booking with VegVoyages, tour options include:

  • The Island of Sumatra (land of the Minang and Bataks)

  • The Land of Rajputs (a North India adventure)

  • The Green Triangle (another North India adventure)

  • Camels & Canines & Cows (North India volunteerism adventure)

  • Island of Gods (Bali adventure)

  • Desert Kingdoms of Rajputana (North India adventure)

  • Mekong Moments (Laos adventure)

  • Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures & Cuisines (Malaysia adventure)

  • South India Serenade (South India adventure)

  • Gujarat: Badlands, Beasts, Temples and Beaches (adventure into the Heart of Gujarat - the Jewel of West of India)

Cost range: $1,400 to 2,800 per person

Length of stay: Eight to 16 days

Pineapple rice dish
Pineapple rice

4. Vegan Travel Club Tours

Explore the sights and sounds of breathtaking Italy with Vegan Travel Club Tours. This company caters to vegan dieters and offers a variety of ongoing year-round tours throughout Italy, Peru, and the Caribbean. When you book your tour, you'll choose from the following destinations:

  • Italy: VegRetreats (health, wellness, and yoga)
  • Amalfi and Cilento Coast (wine and dine among Greek and Roman ruins)
  • Italy: Puglia and Matera (tour the oldest living city in the world)
  • Italy: Post-Tour of Rome (self-guided tour through Rome)
  • Caribbean: Puerto Rico (see the arts and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico)
  • Caribbean: Dominican Republic (explore underwater sea life and explore the Caribbean)
  • Peru (visit the sacred city of the Inkas)

Cost range: $1,100 to $4,000

Length of stay: Four to 10 days

Lunch at villa
Lunch at villa

5. Vegan River Cruises

If you're looking for a fun and relaxing way to vacation on the water, consider a vegan river cruise. You'll enjoy a scenic sail around different parts of Europe as well as countless shore excursions. When you book a cruise, you'll even experience adventures right on your ship like mini golf, massages, a fitness center, swimming pools, and sun decks. The best part is all meals included on each cruise are vegan. Cruises are offered several times yearly and may include the following destinations:

  • Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau, Melk, Krems, Wien, Bratislava, and Budapest
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Maastricht, and Amsterdam
  • Tarascon, Avignon, Pape, Viviers, Tournon, Vienne, Columbe, Lyon, Tournus, and Chalon-Sur-Saone

Cost range: $1,000 to $3,500 per person depending on type of suite booked

Length of stay: Eight days

Passau’s waterfront
Passau's waterfront

6. Caballos de Luz - Horseback Riding in Uroguay

If you're a horse-loving vegetarian dieter, Cabballos de Luz may be right up your alley. When you make a reservation, you'll enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery of Sierras of Rocha in Uruguay. Highlights of this trip, offered year round, include:

  • Touring a small, organic horse farm
  • Three vegetarian meals daily
  • Room accommodations in rustic guest houses (You must be willing to stay in simple, cottage-style homes.)
  • Guided horseback riding tours
  • Long trail rides

Cost range: $125 to $165 per day

Length of stay: Five days/flexible

Caballos de Luz
Caballos de Luz horseback rider

7. Fitness Vegan Boot Camp

If you're looking for a vegan getaway that allows you to eat clean, work out, shed pounds and relax, check out Camp Biche, a weight loss fitness boot camp in the beautiful village of Lauzarte, France. You have to be willing to eat healthy, work out daily, and lose weight during this journey. Booking this vegan tour, which is offered year round, includes:

  • Accommodations in an exquisite mansion
  • Three vegan gourmet meals daily
  • Scenic, countryside hikes
  • Daily fitness classes
  • Spa treatments
  • Daily massages

Cost: $6,600 for one person in a private room

Length of stay: Seven days

Camp Biche Dining Room
Camp Biche dining room

8. Heliotrope Yoga Holidays

Heliotrope Yoga Holidays offers the opportunity to renew the mind and body while experiencing scenic Mediterranean Turkey. It's an ideal get-away for yoga enthusiasts from beginners to experienced practitioners. Best of all, vegetarian breakfasts and dinners are included in your travel package. When you book your holiday, you can expect to:

  • Participate in yoga classes in scenic locations
  • Have all yoga equipment provided
  • Stay in the Onuncu Koy hotel surrounded by beautiful mountains
  • Share a room with another guest or have a private room (at extra cost)
  • Use the hotel's swimming pool

Cost range: £490 (about $650 US) per person

Length of stay: One week

Vegetarian food
Vegetarian food

9. Vegan Camping Holiday

If you want a vegan international travel holiday and love to camp, check into Vegan Camp, which is generally offered once yearly. The destination changes each year, but past tours have included Burrowhead Holiday Village in Scotland. When you book your camping holiday, your itinerary might include:

  • Camping at campsites or staying in nearby hotels, guesthouses or hostel accommodations and visiting a campsite during the day
  • Delicious vegan meals
  • Talent shows
  • Singing songs
  • Campfires
  • Beach outings
  • Countryside walks
  • Picnics
  • Local excursions
  • Food workshops
  • Rock climbing, surfing or yoga

Cost: Varies depending on camp

Length of stay: Up to two weeks (choose your own length of stay)

10. Windward Bed & Breakfast

For a vegan-friendly domestic tour, consider booking a trip at Windward Bed & Breakfast in Camden, Maine. This relaxing inn located near the coast allows you to enjoy a vegan-friendly environment and have the freedom to choose your own daily itinerary. When you're not relaxing at the B & B or enjoying a complimentary vegan breakfast, coffee and afternoon snacks, try exploring:

  • Shops and restaurants in the harbor
  • Nature and wildlife tours
  • Spas
  • Fishing tours
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Boat tours
  • Nature centers
  • Camden Hills State Park

Cost range: $200 to $300 per night

Length of stay: Your choice

Windward House Bed and Breakfast
Windward Bed & Breakfast

Vegetarian Tours

There is a wide variety of vegetarian travel tours available to choose from regardless of your price point and travel preferences. With some searching and the right resources, you'll most definitely find what you're looking for.

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