Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille: A Meatless Experience to Recreate at Home

Vegetarian restaurant

The Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille, located at 772 Pike Street in Southampton, Pennsylvania, offers such gourmet vegetarian fare that even omnivores won't mind enjoying their enticing dishes.

The Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

The restaurant has a quiet, comfortable décor and many menu items to choose from for vegetarians and vegans alike. The cuisine is primarily ovo-lacto vegetarian but vegan dishes are offered and clearly marked on the menu.

The restaurant recommends reservations, and patrons report that early in the evening it may be possible to get a table without a reservation, but on busy nights do call ahead. Casual clothing is fine; this is a relaxed restaurant.


Based on Zagat reviews and others, customers rave about the interesting selection of dishes, exquisite preparation, and reasonable prices. Many cite the mushroom risotto as an especially delicious meal. Other menu choices include seasonable vegetables cooked with interesting sauces, fruits and paired vegetables and more. Most meals revolve around a grain paired with a vegetable or fruit choice and presented in interesting, gourmet ways. Portion sizes are said to be large, so large that patrons often carry out take-away bags to enjoy leftovers the next day. And don't worry about dessert; the restaurant offers luscious desserts, too.


Few diners had anything bad to say about Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille. Some found the risotto too liquid, while other thought the meals over seasoned. These are all a matter of taste, and in fact it was difficult to find anything bad patrons had to say about this restaurant.

Recreate the Experience at Home

If you live near Philadelphia, you're in luck, because this restaurant is just a short drive outside of the city. For the rest of the vegetarian world, you'll either have to find a local gourmet vegetarian restaurant or recreate the experience at home. But recreating the experience at home can be just as much fun as dining out!

Experiment with New Flavors

Much of what makes gourmet meals so appealing are the new and unexpected flavor twists. For example, at the Sage Grille, crispy plantains are combined with peppery arugala and a sauce made from wasabi, mango-papaya salsa, and a black bean dip. Notice the combination of spicy, sweet, and filling bean-type flavors and different textures. Try combining these various textures at home to create flavorful vegetarian dishes.

Try New Recipes

There are many wonderful gourmet vegetarian recipes to try. Even if you can only handle a few ingredients, eating a vegetarian diet doesn't have to be all lettuce leaves and tofu! Try interesting grains, such as quinoa or amaranth, or wild rice and gourmet mushrooms. There's a wide world of flavors to explore, all vegetarian, mostly vegan, and all good for you and delicious.

Take Lessons from the Pros

Celebrity cookbooks, videos and television shows all provide free opportunities to learn to cook. Visit your local public library and check out a few vegetarian cookbooks. Copy recipes that appeal to you and resolve to try one every night. Watch a few videos online or catch cooking shows on television. Even if the shows aren't about vegetarian cooking per se, perhaps you can omit the meat and still enjoy gourmet fare.

Presentation is Everything

Lastly, have you ever noticed how gourmet fare just looks so good you can't resist? Whether it's the vegetarian meals at this restaurant or others, gourmet food is lovingly served. Try presenting food at home as if you were at a gourmet restaurant. Break out the good china. Swirl the sauce on the plate instead of dumping it on top. Try fancy techniques out at home. Presentation is everything!

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Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille: A Meatless Experience to Recreate at Home