Inexpensive Day Trips from Madrid

debod temple in madrid
Debod Temple, Madrid, Spain

A trip to Madrid offers anyone an unforgettable experience. As a bustling, urban metropolis with old world charm, the city provides a wealth of shopping and dining experiences. Travelers may also wish to use Madrid as the perfect hub to plan day trips into the countryside. Surrounded by an abundance of sightseeing opportunities, the adventure-seeker will find no shortage of fun things to do.

Five Great Day Trips from Madrid

With Spain's rich history and dynamic culture, there is an endless bounty of things to do outside of the city. You can drive, but you can also hop on the tourist bus - sort of a public transportation option for tourists. Before you head out, consider purchasing a Madrid Card which will allow you to bypass queues and get you into many places for free. The pass includes discounted admission to many popular attractions within and outside the city, and you can also purchase the card with tourist bus tickets so that your transportation to these day trips is taken care of.


Approximately 2.5 hours from Madrid sits Consuegra. Visitors can opt to drive the distance, or ride on a public bus transport system. A popular destination in October, the region boasts an abundance of purple saffron flowers that turn the fields purple. During the month, the region also hosts the annual Saffron Rose Festival. In many ways, it is the Spanish equivalent of Fall leaf peeping season in the United States.

Manzanares El Real

Consider riding the bus to Manzanares El Real or drive. The region is home to two castles. The 15th-century Castillo de Mendoza has been completely restored to its former glory. The Madrid Card offers visitors free admission. The region around the town offers visitors a diverse trail system for day hikes to view the countryside. During the winter season, Manzanares El Real draws skiing enthusiasts.

Warner Brothers Theme Park

Visitors with children may want to spend the day visiting the Warner Brothers Theme Park. The park has roller-coasters, a wide array of rides for all ages, shows, resteraunts, and shopping. Children can meet the characters that have appeared in numerous Warner Brother's movies. While you are not inclined to get a true taste for Spanish culture here, it is a little slice of theme park fun for antsy little ones that might be tired of touring art museums.


Visitors who want to spend the day in Aranjuez can reach the town by one of the local train systems that runs out of the heart of Madrid. Aranjuez, home to the country's royal residence, also offers numerous gardens for visitors to spend a leisurely day strolling through. Within the town, visitors will also find a large water park to cool off from the excessive heat of the day. The Bullfighting Museum also offers the chance to learn about local customs, history and events. Visitors may also want to picnic along the picturesque Targus River. The town provides numerous picnic sits for locals and tourists to enjoy. Visitors can use the Madrid Card to gain admittance into most attractions in the town.


Catch a bus or drive to Buitrago. Within the heart of the region sits the world-renowned Picasso Museum. The area also boasts Moorish walls which provide numerous photography opportunities.

Madrid, The Starting Point

Madrid provides the perfect starting point for any day trip. The middle of the city is the heart of the AVE train system, visitors can quickly reach Toledo, Seville, Malaga and Barcelona. The town also has a good bus system that offers leisurely transport into the countryside for tourists and locals. Some visitors may wish to rent a car for the day.

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Inexpensive Day Trips from Madrid