Affordable Overseas Vacations

Affordable Overseas Vacations

For those who want an exciting travel experience but don't want to break the bank, finding affordable overseas vacations is a challenging task. For many people, the idea of taking a vacation where you cross an ocean seems impossible. They can't imagine a scenario where they could possible afford such a luxurious trip. But if you're willing to be a little adventurous and open minded, there are definitely ways in which you can put together such a vacation for around the same price as a domestic one. This article will provide advice on how to structure an affordable overseas vacation and will share links to helpful resources along the way.

How Do I Take Affordable Overseas Vacations?

The best way to plan an overseas trip that doesn't cost a fortune is to understand the aspects of the trip where you can save the most money. The following suggestions will help you to strategize the most cost effective trip possible.


Arguably the biggest single expense for an overseas vacation is the airfare. Flying is expensive and getting more expensive every day. However, there are ways to minimize the financial hit you take when purchasing your plane ticket.

  • Fly Off-Season - One of the best ways to save money when you fly is to visit your intended destination during an off-peak time. That means avoiding visiting Pamplona during the running of the bulls and giving Brazil a try when it is not Carnival. The more demand there is for travelers during the time you are trying to travel, the more expensive your tickets are going to be. If you know where you really want to visit, pick up a travel guide for that destination. Most travel guides will have a section that suggests off-peak times to visit.
  • Keep Your Options Open - One of the best ways to get a cheap ticket is to look for travel specials on travel websites. If you really have your heart set on visiting a particular place, you can sign up at the site to be alerted when special deals for that destination become available. This might take some time, however, for the stars to align and for an affordable ticket to become available to where you want to go. An even better idea is to have multiple possible destinations in mind. The more places you are willing to visit overseas, the better your odds will be that you stumble onto a great fare.

Currency Exchange

Getting the most for your dollar once you get overseas is a very important yet often overlooked part of planning an affordable overseas vacation. In the last decade, the dollar has fallen on hard times against other currencies like the Euro. Therefore, you have to get more creative these days if you are going to find an overseas destination with a favorable exchange rate.

Places that used to be more affordable have gotten very expensive for the American tourist. The UK and Switzerland have always been expensive places to visit, but other European countries like Italy and Greece have become increasingly pricey as well.

One of the best ideas is to look into countries with developing economies. Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Cambodia, and South Africa are all popular travel destinations where your dollar will go further, allowing you to see and do more on your vacation. Remember, however, to keep an eye on currency exchange rates. The world economy is a dynamic system, and places that were a great deal one year can become quite expensive the next, so make sure you know what you're getting into before you make your travel plans.


Of course anyone who is looking for an affordable vacation knows to stay away from the five-star hotels, but you can really save some serious money if you explore options other then hotels. If you know you are going to be somewhere for longer than a week, look into finding a vacation rental.

These options are often much more affordable than hotels, and they typically include full kitchens, so you can save some additional money by eating in. Other options for the more adventurous are staying in hostels. While they can be a bit hectic at times, hostels are a fun option where you can meet many other budget-minded travelers.

No Silver Bullet

There is no on-size-fits-all plan for affordable overseas vacations. You will have the best luck if you consider all the above suggestions and try to combine as many of them as you can. With a little work, you will be surprised at the kind of inexpensive vacation you'll be able to plan. ...

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