Affordable Romantic Weekend Getaways

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Sometimes, affordable romantic weekend interludes are just what you and your sweetheart need to jumpstart your romance. We've got some great tips and advice for finding the perfect weekend getaway without breaking the bank.

Affordable Romantic Getaways

An affordable romantic weekend getaway trip isn't hard to plan. First, decide how much money you have in your budget to spend, then decide what you and your significant other would enjoy doing together. Now, you're ready to begin planning that perfect romantic weekend!

  • Stay local: If your budget is really limited, then take a look around your area. Instead of spending gas money to drive several miles away, spend that money on a show, movie, or a nice restaurant, and end the night in a local bed-and-breakfast or nice hotel. Remember, others may just choose your city to visit, so why not experience the better hotels in your area as well?
  • Find the deals: While you can find plenty of hotel deals on the Internet, you may be able to find some local lodging deals by simply calling the hotel directly. Explain that you live in the area, and you just want to try out the local accommodations. You may be offered discounted rooms simply because you do live in the area. Pay a visit to your local chamber of commerce and inquire about any coupons they might have to offer as well.
  • Package deals: If you and your sweetie share a hobby, like golf for instance, then you might want to take advantage of golf packages. For example, the Robert Trent Jones golf trail often features world class championship golf courses and hotels. When you purchase a package, you save money. Depending upon your area of the country, you can find hotel packages that include golf, theater tickets, amusement park admissions, and more. Some of these packages also include breakfast and/or dinner specials, too.
  • House swapping: Do you know another couple who needs a change of scenery? If you have friends that live in another town, either near or far, then why not consider swapping homes for the weekend? Be sure and leave a list of your favorite restaurants, as well as information on the best shopping, parks, theaters, etc.
  • Romantic getaway at home: Don't have any extra money to get out town, but still want to spend some quality time with your loved one? One of the most affordable weekend getaways romantic rendezvous can be experienced right in your own home. Turn off the phone, dim the lights, cook a yummy dinner (or order takeout), put on some soft music, get dressed up, and break out that bottle of wine. Sleep late the next morning and have breakfast in bed. Spend the day in your jammies, play games, watch movies, and just enjoy your time together. Who says you even have to leave your home to experience a bit of romance?

Internet Sites

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If you haven't taken advantage of the Internet for finding travel plans, you really are missing some great deals. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you find at the last minute, so if you are in the mood for a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, we've got some great site suggestions.

  • Last can save you as much as 70% on your last minute travel deals! You may be able to find a getaway vacation that includes hotel and airfare for as little as $200!
  • Travelocity also offers last-minute deals. You can plan for this weekend or next. Choose the city you'd embark from and see all the deals available from that departure city. You can choose from just hotels, hotel and airfare, and hotel, airfare, and rental car.

Even you like to plan ahead, there are plenty of other sites to visit, and some of these may offer last-minute deals as well. Favorite sites include the following:

Worth a Little Work and Planning

In searching for that perfect getaway, do your homework. Compare prices. Search for deals on the Internet, and above all, have fun!

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Affordable Romantic Weekend Getaways