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Portofino Harbor in Italy

A beach vacation Italy style can be accomplished in numerous places throughout this country. Most of the regions are located adjacent to water, so no matter where you go in Italy, there is always water nearby!

Discovering Your Beach Vacation Italy

Beach vacation spots in Italy offer many wonderful sight-seeing adventures to travelers. Whether you simply want to sit near the harbor sipping local wines or hiking the local countryside, the following areas offer more than just a sandy beach!

San Remo

The port of San Remo is named Porto Vecchioto. When visiting this beautiful sea harbor area, many people begin in Piazza Bresca and walk along the promenade Delle Nazioni. They take in the sites from the fort of Santa Tecla. This fort overlooks San Remo harbor, which is breathtaking at sunset.

There are several places that you should see nearby, besides enjoying this beautiful harbor town, while you are there. Be sure to visit the medieval village of Bussana Vecchia, which houses many artisans and craftsmen. Balzi Rossi is a village located next to the French border. It is famous for the Paleolithic caves nearby. Lastly, the gardens of Villa Hanbury should not be missed while on your trip to this area.


A twenty-minute drive away from San Remo will take you to the beautiful town of Bordighera. It is also known by another name, the City of Palms. It is aptly named for the dozens of palm trees that fill the area, not just a few planted alongside the roadways. Since the climate is so mild, palm trees, lemon and orange orchards and banana trees can be found in abundance. The beaches are pebbly here, but the nearby beach of Menton is a sandy one. While visiting this quaint harbor town be sure to visit some of the medieval style villages that dot the landscape. Dolceacqua and Apricale are but two of these villages that are popular tourist destinations. While here be sure to visit the Terre Bianche vineyard and of course, a 30 minute drive from Bordighere will land you in Monaco.


A mere three and a half miles away from Bordighera is the town of Ospedaletti. Ospedaletti is known for growing flowers, especially carnations and roses. The gardens in this area are fabulous and include eucalyptus, orange, lemon and palm trees. Walk along the Strada Vallegrande to enjoy the vista of Coldirodi and the Madonna Delle Porrine Sanctuary. The racetrack can also be seen along this walkway as well as Baia Verde. The Saracen Towers, built in 1597 can be found along the Corso Marconi. Whichever direction you walk on the Strada Vallegrande you are sure to find stunning vistas along the way.

Arma di Taggia and Taggia

A mere three miles away from Ospedaletti are the towns of Arma di Taggia and Taggia. Arma di Taggia is the modern area where tourists usually stay and Taggia is the medieval town nearby. It is famous for the production of olive oil that the Benedictine monks first cultivated there in the 12th century. Places that should be visited in this area include the monastery of San Domenico and the church of Santa Maria del Canneto. Visitors should also include visits to the covered street of Santuario del Crocifisso in via Soleri and the medieval footbridge whereby mules used to enter the town from the nearby hills.

Santo Stefano al Mare

The seafront port of Santo Stefano is called Marina degli Argai. This area is renowned for its water sports such as canoeing, surfing and windsailing. When you aren't enjoying local cuisine and the beautiful waterfront, consider day trips to other nearby locations. Places to visit include Grasse, known for its perfume museum, the Grotto of Toirano and the Aquarium in Genoa. If you enjoy spas, be sure to stop at the Pigna Antiche Terme and spoil yourself with a thermal bath.

There are many more beach vacation Italy trips that one can create in this beautiful country. The Italian Riveria is but one area to enjoy the seascape, beautiful hillsides and medieval villages. If you haven't already planned a trip to this country, consider doing so soon. On average there are about 300 sunny days a year in Italy. The beautiful weather practically guarantees a perfect trip!

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