Best Places to See in Germany


Knowing the best places to see in Germany can help you make the most of your European vacation!

Scoping Out Germany's Best

Touring Germany, one of Europe's most visited countries, can be a bit overwhelming when you browse all of the travel guides and recommendations available out there. To name just a few, there are castles, pubs, historic tours, and modern shopping districts to be explored. In a country so rich in culture and with so many fun excursions available for tourists, the amount of options can be daunting. Use this guide to help you explore the best Germany has to offer, while saving time and wasted money at the same time!

The Best Places to See in Germany


Have you ever dreamed of stepping into a real life fairy tale setting? That is how you will feel when you see the castles in the alps of this tucked away "kingdom." Walt Disney used a castle in Bavaria as a model for Sleeping Beauty's home, and this region hosts countless tourists each year due to its breathtaking beauty and charming atmosphere. If you love history, castles, or a chance to take authentic German landscaping, then Bavaria will be a city you'll love. The Bavarian Forest also boasts the first German national park.


In a completely opposite sort of town, you will find bars, museums, opera houses, and a bustling city life in Munich. A favorite of young adult tourists as well as locals blowing off steam on the weekend, Munich is known for its party lifestyle and the nightlife is uncomparable. Going during Oktoberfest will only add to the fun, and the urban feel of Munich will guarantee you fun times until the sun comes up!

Be warned that nude beach bums are abundant along the shores of the Isar, Munich's main river running through its busy city center. Munich is not the most family-friendly of choices, but still draws those with children due to its large amount of art museums and performances you can catch nightly.


Another spot rich in history and full of European passion. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the reunified city has found its name in its edgy attitude and resurrection through reinvention.

You will find the Jewish Museum here, which gives an amazing look at Jewish culture throughout the country, including the trials and tribulations of this people group during the Tird Reich. You can also of course visit the Berlin Wall museum and explore some of the tools and artifacts many aspiring escapees attempted to use during the years the wall was in tact.

For children, visit Zoologischer Garten, the city zoo. Here you will find some of the world's most fascinating animals and enjoy a day exploring both international exhibits and those native to Germany.


Lubeck is known as a picturesque medieval town that has been recognized as a famous World Heritage location. A port on the Baltic Sea, you can tour the regal churches and historic homes in this small town. Many people love to explore the nooks and crannies of Lubeck with its rich history including a 16th century cemetery of those killed by a great plague.


One of the best places to see in Germany that has developed in recent years is Potsdam's Babelsberg Film Theme Park. Functioning similarly to a European answer to Universal Studios, this film industry- based park features rides, an interactive theatre, and the chance to meet characters from popular German and international films.


As the 2nd largest city in Germany, this huge city is known for its outstanding waterfall display sin the summertime. Museums are abundant here, and the area also boasts Alster Lake, the largest lake to reside inside of a European city.

Here you will find plentiful shopping opportunities and a rich amount of city life for those who want to experience some greatly authentic dining and nightlife.

Other Options

After you are through visiting all of the best places to see in Germany, there is still plenty to do. Consider skiing if you are visiting in the winter, as this country is known for its outstanding runs in the alps. Beer making is another activity available in many cities, as Germany is famous for its great ales and impressive knack for throwing a great party. Hiking is popular in the summertime, as are festivals, outdoor theatre performances, and other activities involving getting out in the sunshine.

Visiting Germany can be a memorable experience for families, newlyweds, backpacking college students, and anyone else desiring the opportunity to soak up a little European culture and get some great stories and photo ops at the same time.

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Best Places to See in Germany