Big Island Honeymoon Rentals

Kona Sunset

Look into Big Island honeymoon rentals for a romantic and memorable experience. There is a lot to do on the Big Island of Hawaii, but it is also ideal for relaxing and enjoying the first days of marriage. A honeymoon rental can provide just the right blend of excitement and privacy that newlyweds will enjoy.

Discover the Unusual

For the ultimate in Big Island honeymoon rentals, take a look at these unusual lodging options. Rental rates are often similar to hotel rates, so enjoy your privacy and a dash of the exotic!

Volcano Teapot Cottage

What can be more unusual than staying near a volcano? The Volcano Teapot Cottage is located just three miles from the active Kilauea Volcano. The cottage is located on three acres and was built in the early 1900's. There are two bedrooms, one with a four-poster bed, a full kitchen and a fireplace. Continental breakfast is served daily and gourmet dinners may be catered in. The cottage is isolated, so it will be necessary to drive to restaurants and shopping. Credit cards are not accepted.

Silver Oaks Ranch

If a volcano isn't what you're looking for, try a cottage on a working ranch. The Silver Oaks Ranch offers three cottages and two suites on a ten acre ranch just five miles from Kailua-Kona. The cottages vary greatly in size, but all sport amazing views. Some of the units have kitchenettes, others have full kitchens. The cottages have decks and private lanais for viewing the surroundings. There's a five night minimum stay, but then, you may never want to leave.

Kona Village Resort

Maybe your preference is to go truly native Hawaiian? In that case, the Kona Village Resort can offer you a private Polynesian 'hale' or thatched roof bungalow. Located on 82 acres near Kona, the site is an ancient fishing village. You can choose a view of the ocean, lagoon or tropical gardens. Kona Village includes three meals a day and water activities in the rental rates. There's also a pool, tennis court and spa onsite. Be advised however, that Kona Village is about relaxing, so there are no televisions or phones in the bungalows.

Suggestions for Big Island Honeymoon Rentals

This is a special vacation and you want everything perfect. Here are a few suggestions to follow when considering a rental.

  • Be sure the honeymoon rental fits the bill for both of you. A rental selected based only on one partner's preferences can lead to conflict.
  • Plan ahead. Unlike hotels, rentals have very limited space. Get your booking in early as Hawaiian destinations fill up quickly.
  • Look for hidden costs and fees. Water sports rentals, utility costs and Internet fees can quickly add up.
  • Ask for a contract up front and make sure you understand it. Pay close attention to deposit requirements and cancellation fees.
  • No one knows the area like the people that live there. Ask any questions you have on drive times, beach access and dress code before you book the rental.
  • Never be shy about asking for discounts or special rates. You may be surprised at what you can save.
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Big Island Honeymoon Rentals