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The Luxor Las Vegas casino resort is dominated by a striking 350-foot tall pyramid and capped by a beacon so bright it's visible from space. Built in 1993, this property is located at the north end of the Las… Keep reading »

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Visiting Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas can be a great place to visit, but planning a trip to this famous destination can certainly seem overwhelming. This site provides helpful information written by seasoned business and leisure travelers as well as industry experts. Check out the articles published here if you'd like useful tips that can provide you with insight into the sights and sounds of Las Vegas while taking some of the stress out of the travel planning process.

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Hotel accommodations in Las Vegas vary from low-cost budget accommodations to the most luxurious, upscale suites you can imagine.

  • Top accommodations: Find out about the best Las Vegas hotels and other great places to stay in the city.
  • Low cost lodging: Discover the lowest priced hotels and other accommodation options in and around Las Vegas.
  • Hotel packages: Learn about package deals and special offers that bundle hotel stays with entertainment and dining options.
  • Vegas Strip hotels: Get an insider's view of well-known hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, including accommodations at the Luxor and the MGM Grand casinos.

Attractions and Activities

Las Vegas is well-known for its casinos, ranging from relatively small operations to mega resorts. These properties offer more than just gambling, including world-class shows and fine dining. The city is also home to many other things to do, as is the surrounding area.

Preparing to Visit Vegas

Whether you're planning a holiday or weekend getaway, a longer vacation, or even a business trip, the articles on this site can help you get a sense of where to stay and what to see and do in Las Vegas.

When you're looking for independent expert content based on research and real world experience, this site is an ideal resource. Our editorial experts are always updating and adding content, so be sure to check in any time you're planning a trip. Let LoveToKnow Travel help you navigate the Vegas Strip and beyond.

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