Spa Vacation Destinations

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If you're planning a relaxing vacation, consider a destination spa where you can enjoy not only a holiday, but some well-deserved pampering as well. Look into a holiday at one of the top spa resorts in the U.S.… Keep reading »

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Spa Vacation Destinations
A Spa Treatment

Nothing says relaxation like spa vacation destinations. Whether it's a day away from home at a nearby spa or a week at a destination spa, you are bound to return rejuvenated and refreshed.

Types of Spa Vacation Destinations

Spas come in many forms. There are local, in-city, spas that offer a variety of treatments and facilities, but no overnight accommodations. There are destination spas, resorts whose only purpose is to pamper you. These spas often offer complete nutrition and fitness profiles as well as beauty treatments. For a special time away, there are romantic spa vacations which might be just the way for you and your partner to relax and spend some time together.

Resort spas combine beauty and health treatments with a full service spa. These properties, such as the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami and the Sonoma Mission Inn in northern California offer tennis, golf, water sports, and full resort facilities in addition to the spa. It's the best of both worlds.

Finding a Spa

Spas vary widely. Some emphasize nutrition, other beauty treatments. Some spas focus on fitness and exercise. To choose the spa that's right for you, consult a spa service or a travel agent that's well versed and experienced in spa vacations. Companies, such as Spa Finders, offer a complete catalog and interactive website, featuring spa vacation destinations of all genres located all over the world.

Spa Vacation Destinations