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Article Highlight: Zurich, Switzerland Travel Guide

Located on the edge of Lake Zurich in the middle of Switzerland, Zurich is the country's largest city and home to over one million people. Full of banks, chocolate, shopping, and fun, Zurich has a lot for travelers… Keep reading »

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Travel Europe
Marseilles, France

To travel Europe is to learn about culture, history and art, as well as different people and lifestyles. From London to Athens, Europe offers travelers 40 different countries, some 230 languages and a myriad of fascinating experiences. Learn more about what to expect while you travel Europe from LoveToKnow Travel.

Planning and Tips

Get the tips and advice you need to plan for your next trip. Read up on the various components of a trip to anywhere in Europe, such as:

  • Language: Learn common tourist phrases in languages such as Italian and Spanish before you go on your trip.
  • Expenses: Get tips on how to find European travel discounts and learn about inexpensive day trips you can take while traveling.
  • Travel guides: Review travel guides for cities like Amsterdam or Zurich before you go to get the information you need to plan your entire trip.

Information and Details

If you're still undecided about where you'll be heading, get information and details about specific destinations and the attractions you'll find there, such as:

  • Destination details: Learn about what you'll discover upon entering countries such as Russia, or cities like Athens, with detailed descriptions of hot spots.
  • Travel tips: Learn the ins and outs of traveling by rail through Europe, as well as discover tourist attractions to check out.
  • Places to stay: Get details about specific places to stay when you arrive at your destination, such as the 47 Part Street Hotel in London.

Enjoy Your Trip

With the right information and planning guides, you'll be sure to know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Read up on the various components of European travel and start your next trip off right.

Travel Europe