Cheap Vacation Spots

Vacation Planning

If you are looking for cheap vacation spots, there are a wide range of options to consider. There are the old reliables, which can be very economical. You can also try new and unusual destinations for an economical option.

National and State Park Camping

Camping in a state or national park can be economical and adventuresome. You can borrow or rent camping equipment to reduce cost. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and gain a new appreciation of our nation’s resources.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the cheapest vacation spots. Vacation packages offer deals on airfare and hotel rates. Food is inexpensive in Vegas and there’s a wide variety of entertainment, often free. You can get the best rates in Vegas if you visit on weekdays rather than a weekend.

New Orleans

New Orleans is still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This popular destination is affordable and fun. You can explore the unique New Orleans culture, which is a true melting pot. This heritage is from a variety of influences: French, Spanish, African American, and Southern. New Orleans is historical, lively, and the food is fabulous.


Mexico is an affordable international destination. You can visit the Yucatan peninsula with its historic pre-Columbian ruins and crystal clear waters. The west coast of Mexico, with resorts such as Acapulco, is also a popular destination, with its beautiful beaches.

Theme Parks

Visit a theme park for another inexpensive vacation. Many packages include hotel stays and admission. You can get the best value during off peak times, such as during the fall or on weekdays.

Small Towns

A great option for a cheap vacation is visiting small town America. Hotel rates and food costs are significantly lower there than in urban areas. There can be lots to do in small towns, such as visiting historic sites, attending local festivals, and enjoying natural wonders.

Cheap Vacation Spots

Do a little research and you can find lots of cheap vacation spots. Look for specials and packages for the best deals. Check for off season values to save even more.

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Cheap Vacation Spots