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If you are interested in clothing optional resorts, you are not alone. Polls show that 18% of Americans would consider a nude or clothing optional vacation. When you consider the number of clothes-free vacation destinations, then it's not just an American phenomenon.

The Nudist Experience

Nudism is a part of the human condition, be it children skinny-dipping in a creek, honeymooners enjoying a warm surf or adults sunbathing outdoors. There is something many find magical about shedding clothes and enjoying nature. Nudism, also called naturism, celebrates the human body for its beauty. It is not about sex, it's about enjoying nature in a natural way. Naturists include their children in many activities as a way of promoting self-esteem.

Resorts Vs. Beaches

There are a number of clothing optional beaches around the world. Usually located in remote spots, these beaches often attract tourists and teenagers who come to gawk. Naturists have a strict code of etiquette, which is difficult to enforce on public beaches.

To avoid the onlookers and to enjoy an entire naturist vacation, many nudists visit clothing optional resorts. These resorts enforce the etiquette codes, which allow nudists to enjoy the outdoors without the intrusion of curiosity seekers.


Each clothing optional resort has its own etiquette rules. It's a good idea to ask for specific guidelines before arrival. In general, these are common sense courtesy rules:

  • Take no photographs of a person without his permission.
  • Observe good hygiene practices by draping a towel over any furniture you sit on.
  • Refrain from staring at others or making rude comments about someone's body.
  • Observe designated clothing areas.
  • Be respectful and courteous of others.
  • No lewd behavior in public.

Nude Vs. Clothing Optional Vs. Clothing Free

While the differences small, they are worth explaining. At nude or clothes-free resorts or beaches, it is expected that all those present will be nude. Clothing optional means just that: some people be clothed and others will not be. Clothing optional is usually more comfortable for first-time visitors.

How to Find a Clothing Optional Resort

Naturist resorts are located worldwide. There is at least one resort in most U.S. States. While there are numerous Internet listings, you can also find resorts through the naturist organizations.

The International Naturist Federation (INF) is a federation of naturist organizations and clubs from around the world. They have an extensive database of affiliated resorts.

The American Association for Nude Recreation is the U.S. affiliate of INF. It also has a list of U.S. clothing optional resorts.

Tips for a First Visit

  • Be sure and ask all the usual vacation questions, such as pet policy, reservation requirements and activities.
  • Determine if it is a family resort or adults only, especially if you are bringing children. Adult resorts will not have activities for the kids.
  • Understand all the restrictions up front. Rules vary from location to location.
  • Usually cameras are discouraged.
  • Sun protection is especially important for naturists. Pack plenty of sunscreen.
  • Pack at least two towels: one for the pool and one for sitting on.

It may not be the typical vacation, but visiting a resort that is clothing optional can be a unique and wonderful vacation experience. Even if you aren't used to a clothing optional environment, most people quickly become accustomed to, and enjoy, the liberating atmosphere in such a resort.

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