Costa Rica Unusual Places to Stay

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Given the wealth of natural and cultural attractions of Costa Rica, unusual places to stay are not hard to come by in this exotic Caribbean nation. Dubbed "the rich coast" by Christopher Columbus, Costa Rica has, to this day, lived up to this name.

If your dream vacation is set against the backdrop of one of the world's most bio-diversified, tropical havens, Costa Rica should top your list. If the usual tourist traps are not your thing, stay off the beaten path and go for one of Costa Rica's unusual places to stay. Here are a few.

Vacationing in Costa Rica - Unusual Places to Stay


This mountainside tree-house retreat is nestled among the lush boughs and branches of a private, secluded 250-acre jungle reserve. Junglavista is built from teak, steel and glass, and its open architecture offers a panoramic view of the jungle and her inhabitants. A breezy top-floor deck offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It is the perfect spot to meditate, watch sunrises and sunsets, sip your morning coffee or just drink in the raw beauty of nature. A number of un-crowded, sandy beaches lie within a short 10-minute drive from Junglavista.

This magnificent jungle retreat has two glassed-in bedrooms and showers with hot running water. A kitchen and dining area are also available for guests' convenience.

The Lapa Rios Lodge

Located in the heart of Lapa Rios Private Rain Forest Reserve, this exquisite rainforest eco-lodge sits perched upon a spectacular, jungle-clad hilltop.

The Lapa Rios lodge offers luxurious accommodations in 14 private, open-air bungalows. In keeping with its eco-tourist principles, the Lapa Rios is almost entirely built from native materials. Each one has a large patio, cozy beds with mosquito netting and solar-powered hot showers.

The Lapa Rios bungalows are on hillside terraces, giving you spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. A winding stairway, three-stories high, leads up from the center of the lodge's restaurant to a catwalk that offers scenic views of the jungle wilderness below and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The lodge also has resident naturalists to give guided tours along the miles and miles of private nature trails that wind through the rainforest reserve. A swimming pool, gourmet restaurant and full service bar are also available for guests' enjoyment.

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Fast Facts on Costa Rica
Population 4,133,884*
Capital San Jose
Official Language Spanish
Currency colón
Calling Code 506


Almonds & Corals Hotel

Tucked away in the heart of Costa Rica's lush rainforest, this enchanting jungle lodge is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation, eco-tourism or an exotic honeymoon.

Luxuriously appointed bungalows offer lavish accommodations under the green, leafy canopy of towering tropical trees. A mere stroll away, the dense, wild jungle gives way to swaying palms, golden sand and the sparkling expanse of the Caribbean Sea.

The lodge is founded upon the principles of eco-tourism and sustainable development. Even its architecture is designed and built to minimize noise, energy consumption and pollution, among other measures to protect the natural beauty that surrounds the lodge.

The Rocking J Camp

Rocking J's Hostel is the only Hammock hotel in the Costa Rica. This hotel is located in a tropical jungle setting in the Caribbean Town of Puerto Viejo.

This backpacker's paradise offers you the choice of a hammock, tent, shared or private cabana or a tree house for your stay. If want to minimize the cost of your stay, you are welcome to bring your own tent.

A number of community facilities are provided to make your stay even more memorable. These include a 24-hour, fully stocked and well-equipped community kitchen. One stay at Rocking J's will keep you coming back for more.

Off the Beaten Path

When you consider vacationing in Costa Rica, unusual places to stay such as these four resorts enable you to enjoy all that this exotic destination has to offer, without having to share the experience with too many other fellow tourists.

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Costa Rica Unusual Places to Stay