Fall Beach Getaways

Escape with a beach getaway!

Fall beach getaways are the perfect way to spice up the dreary days of autumn. What's more, with kids back in school, fall is one of the best times to escape to the sun and surf without having to deal with massive crowds and high price tags.

Benefits of Fall Beach Getaways

Who says summer is the best time to hit the beach? Fall beach vacations present the ideal opportunity to experience a change of scenery as the temperatures dip. A beach getaway can help you relax and rejuvenate in a serene setting. This is especially true in autumn, which is considered the "off-season" at many popular beach resorts. The cool weather brings with it minimal crowds, fabulous savings on vacation packages and a chance to enjoy the peace and tranquility afforded with an oceanfront view.

Top Fall Beach Getaways

Fall is the best time of year to plan a beach getaway with friends or family, especially at the following destinations:

South Carolina

Hilton Head, South Carolina, is an ideal fall weekend getaway destination. The scenic beach resort community is just a four-hour drive from major metropolitan areas, such as Charlotte and Atlanta. However, once you arrive at South Carolina's lowcountry resort island you'll feel like you're a world away from the stress of your everyday life. Hilton Head offers all the amenities you'd expect from a top beach destination, including:

  • Miles of powder soft sand
  • World-class spas
  • Dozens of golf courses
  • Extensive bike trails
  • Inlets and slow-moving creeks for kayaking and fishing
  • Fine dining at waterfront restaurants
  • Superb shopping

Hilton Head Island also offers unlimited activities for history buffs. The resort community has a storied past dating from Colonial times and visitors are welcome to explore all of its historical attractions.


Fall is one of the best times to save on a Hawaiian beach vacation. While September signals the end of the summer season for the continental United States, Hawaii in not affected by major temperature changes. The weather in the 50th state is outstanding year-round, which makes Hawaii a top beach destination, especially during the autumn months when the summer crowds have faded. The slight dip in visitors in the fall causes prices to ease up a bit in the Aloha State. September, October and November traditionally bring with them reduced airfare to the islands, as well as discounted hotel and car rental rates.

While there may be a decrease in tourism during the fall, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy. Hawaii is jam-packed with phenomenal events and attractions from its world-class beaches, shops and restaurants to its unique cultural festivities, such as the Aloha Festivals, which is held each fall. In addition to the sun, surf and sand, Hawaii also offers travelers a litany of diversity outdoor activities, such as:

  • Taking a zip line over rainforests
  • Snorkeling with manta rays
  • Swimming with sharks
  • Biking down a dormant volcano
  • Hiking to an active volcano


If you are looking to take a vacation after the school year starts, then head to Amelia Island. That's where you will experience a fall beach getaway you'll remember for years to come. Nestled in the northeastern-most corner of Florida, just off the coast of Jacksonville, Amelia Island is bursting with charm. Balmy temperatures, breathtaking sunsets and miles and miles of pristine beaches dictate the island's laid-back lifestyle. Life on Amelia Island revolves around the water. Popular pastimes include scenic horseback rides along the beach, kayak adventures, river cruises, and ferry tours. Amelia Island also boasts a charming historic downtown section, which features quaint little shops and waterfront restaurants. Amelia Island is also home to a variety of hotels that cater to travelers with varying price points. Frugal visitors can stay at the affordable Residence Inn while those looking for more luxurious accommodations can book a room at the Ritz-Carlton, which boasts high-end suites and its own spa.

North Carolina

Bald Head Island, North Carolina, is a hidden gem when it comes to beach resort communities. The island is home to 14 miles of awe-inspiring white sand beaches, rich wildlife, quaint maritime shops, and the state's oldest lighthouse, Old Baldy. The historical attraction provides breathtaking views of the island from its top. What's more, during the fall, Bald Head Island becomes a retreat for overstressed travelers. Cars are not permitted on the island, so the chaos of everyday life seems to melt away upon arrival. If you are looking to de-stress in a hassle-free environment, then head to Bald Head to enjoy a fall beach vacation you won't soon forget.

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