France Travel: Exploring Art and Culture with the Family at the Louvre


The Louvre, which was once a royal palace is now home as one of the largest museums in the world. Once a royal palace, the huge edifice is now open to the public and is one of the most famous and most visited museums in the world.

Located in Paris, France, the Louvre is the epicenter of the Seine River and the Rue de Rivoli. Families traveling to Paris will not want to miss out on the spectacular sight that is the Louvre. Children will benefit greatly from learning about the works of art that line the walls and will be blown away at the breathtaking building itself.

History and the Museum

The Louvre hosts the most impressive artistic heritage of the French. Those looking to expand their knowledge of different cultures will be mesmerized by the art that captures all of the French history from the early Capetian Kings to the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte.

While children may be fortunate enough to be taught about the arts in school, nothing will prepare them for the excitement and education they will receive at the museum itself. There are private classes and instruction along with guided tours that will take children and adults step by step into taking a deeper look at individual pieces of art.

Famous Artwork at the Louvre

There is no doubt that Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. The original is at home at the Louvre. Children will be impressed to see the painting in real life. It is housed in a special room called the Salle des Etats, where it is protected behind glass and maintained at an even temperature to help preserve the piece. Even learning about this special technology can be intriguing to children.

Some of the other famous collections at the Louvre include spectacular pieces from artists like Fragonard, Rembrandt, and David. These are popular artists that are taught in many schools. Families and children who are particularly interested in the arts and culture will be well informed. For the curious child, parents can rest assured that knowledgeable staff is there at all times to answer even the toughest questions.

It's Not Just Art at the Louvre

In addition to the spectacular displays of artwork at the Louvre, families will enjoy getting familiar with other exhibits that emphasize more of the French culture. Exploring the art and culture with the family can be enjoyable at a place that offers lessons for all.

Families eager to learn about archeology, history and architecture will have the opportunity to do so at the exhibits featured at the Louvre. Teachings and findings in all of these specialties are covered in depth in their individual homes. The large furniture exhibit that features furniture spanning many centuries is also a main attraction at the Louvre. Children are always amazed to see how furniture has developed and evolved over the years.

The Most Famous Heist

A very famous aristocrat turned thief instigated one of the most famous heists that occurred at the Louvre. His name was Tomas Van Der Heijden and his was able to steal a total of seven paintings. His heist was specific to the French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Children will be fascinated with the specifics of his heist. Using a very intricate winch system and a specially built dune buggy, he was able to make off with the goods while avoiding prosecution.

Overall, a trip to the Louvre will be a memorable experience to all families. Exploring the art and culture of the Louvre with the entire family can be a fantastic treat and bonding experience. With a bit of history to entice family members of all ages, the Louvre proves to be one of the most exciting trips for all.

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France Travel: Exploring Art and Culture with the Family at the Louvre