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Free trip planners can provide busy travelers with the resources for a perfect vacation or fuss-free business travel.

Types of Trips Planners

From road trip planning and flight and hotel resources to activity and event information, getting organized prior to your vacation or other travel plans can make a huge difference in your trip. Knowing exactly when and where you are going, having itineraries, packing lists, and other resources well-organized and at your fingertips means you can travel with ease and enjoy yourself with less stress. Popular types of trip planners include online websites for general travel planning; customized online trip planners; trip planning books; and area specific trip planners offered by local chambers of commerce, state parks, city or state websites, or other establishments. Hotel and other accommodation websites may also offer free hotel planning along with additional travel resources for traveling.

What Travel Planners Offer

While trip planning resources vary, they may offer extensive help in organizing your travel, or they may offer only limited planning, such as map and mileage planning. Components in free trip planners you might find include:

  • Maps, directions, and trip distance information
  • Fuel and rest stop information
  • Hotel or other lodging suggestions
  • Restaurant and meal information
  • Activities and entertainment details
  • List of shopping areas
  • Local cultural attraction, points of interest, or scenic areas
  • Coupons or discount resources
  • Packing list or suggestions on items to bring

Free Trip Planners Online

While books and booklets are still frequently used by travelers to plan trips, there is growing number of free trip planners online that offer helpful, free, and convenient resources. Following is a brief overview of some of the most popular no-cost trip planners online.

Rand McNally Planning Tool

The free Maps resource, offered by map giant Rand McNally, offers a customized trip planners. Input your destination, along with stops if desired, and select additional options for your trip, such as things to do and places to stay. The site also offers online maps, traffic information, and city and state guides for more help.


Trip-O-Rama is a unique travel planning site because it specializes in creating itineraries for group travel. Plan travel s a group via the online sharing tools and share travel research to find the best deals. Selected trip guides by type (girlfriend getaways, family travel, etc.) can provide ideas to travelers who aren't sure about destinations yet.

Yahoo Trip Planner

Visit Roadtrip America for a no-cost travel plan. Enter destinations, activities, and daily schedules. A unique aspect of this site is that you can browse other traveler's itineraries and copy and customize it to meet your own travel needs.

Packing Lists

Lists and packing tips can be an extremely helpful organizing tool for trips. Be sure to make your own detailed list, or browse one of the following online packing lists to print and mark off:

Plan a Trip to Remember

Many free planning tools for you trip can be found online and help make the most of your travel. A well-organized, well-planned trip will help to alleviate pre and post-trip stress and allow you to enjoy your traveling. If you are traveling internationally, don't forget to check US Government Travel site for the most current travel warnings and other helpful information for a trip abroad.Bold text

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