Golf Travel Cases

Protecting your clubs during travel is key.

When you are traveling to a spot where you plan to play golf, travel cases are an important consideration. Whether you are headed to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, you want to carry your favorite golf clubs with you and enjoy some tee time.

Packing Your Clubs

If you are flying or traveling by bus or train, you will want to make sure that your golf clubs are well protected. You have made an investment in your equipment and want to keep it safe and secure as you travel. Whether you purchase a soft or hard case, the key is to learn how to pack your clubs to avoid any damage. Even the toughest golf travel cases will not keep your clubs from breaking if you have failed to take the time to properly cushion them well. Cushion your clubs with one of the following:

  • Clothing, like t-shirts
  • Soft towels
  • Socks
  • Shoes

As with any piece of luggage you travel with, be sure to attach a tag with your name and flight number in case the case should get lost or left behind.

Soft Golf Travel Cases

Soft cases run from $50 to $125. These cases are also known as soft-sided golf travel cases. Many prefer the soft cases because when not in use, they can fold and fit neatly for storage. These cases come in all colors. An example of what is on the market today is The Roadster by Golf Travel Bags. This bag is $65 and includes the following features:

  • A zipper that wraps around the bag for easy opening
  • An interior strap to tie down the case when traveling
  • A padded top to keep the heads of the clubs protected
  • A zippered shoe or accessory pocket
  • Rollerblade in-line type of skate wheels
  • Made of strong polyester
  • Offered in three colors
  • Dimensions are 51 inches tall x 14 inches wide x 9 inches deep

Hard Cases

For $200, you can purchase The SKB ATA Double Golf Travel Case. This case is molded from ultra-high polyethylene, the same material that is used for military cases and containers. It is known for its durability. Other features of this hard case include:

  • Holds two standard sized golf bags or one staff bag
  • Locking latches
  • Comes with a heavy duty lift handle
  • Holds an unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Has a seal around the whole case to prevent any dirt, dust or moisture from getting inside
  • Comes with a tow handle and wheels

All SKB ATA golf cases come with a $1,500 Club Coverage. If your golf clubs are damaged by an airlines, SKB will repair or replace the clubs up to $1,500.

The hard cases are too heavy to play golf with, so you will need to either bring or rent a golf bag when you get to your destination.

Hybrid Cases

Bag Boy Hybrid Travel Case is the ideal solution for traveling golfers who want their clubs protected but don't want to rent a golf bag once at the course. This case that serves as both a traveling case and a regular golf bag, comes in three sizes. The prices start at $100.

Where to Buy Golf Travel Cases

You can find a wide selection of golf travel cases at the following websites:


Be sure to make sure that whichever case you purchase, the travel case will meet regulations for wherever your trip takes you. You don't want your case to be too heavy so that the airlines won't allow you to check it on the plane. You also want to be able to carry the bag (or push it if it has wheels) easily through the airport.

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