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Making its start in 1914 in Hibbing, Minnesota, Greyhound Lines, Inc. now serves over 3,800 destinations across North America with additional routes in Canada and Mexico. Frequent departure schedules, affordable ticket prices and a variety of routes to major U.S. cities makes travel by motorcoach a viable alternative to air or rail.

Popular Routes and Cities

Greyhound offers routes to many locations across the United States and some of the most popular routes serve such cities as Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Houston and Orlando. Overall, Greyhound Bus Lines serves 1,000 city pairs in over than 135 North American markets. Each year, the company carries more than 18 million passengers, with more than 5.4 billion passenger miles, on its fleet of 1,700 vehicles.

Popular Terminals

Some of the most heavily traveled and most accessible terminals that are serviced by Greyhound include New York Port Authority, South Station in Boston, the MIA Airport Central Station in Miami, Downtown Greyhound Station in Los Angeles and the Downtown Greyhound Station in Chicago.

Typical Ticket Pricing

There is a wide range of ticket prices offered and many deals and discounts to explore. For example, the average fare from Miami to Orlando is $33, and from New York to Orlando tickets run around $109. According to Wanderu, ticket prices range from $33 from San Diego to Los Angeles, $12 from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. and $10 from Dallas to Houston. The website Busbud also offers sample fares such as Boston to New York for $27, New York to Washington for $23, and from New York to Miami for $100.

Fares and Discounts

Greyhound ticket prices are even lower when you take advantage of the many discounts available. When checking fares, always check to see if you might be eligible for a reduced rate.

Road Rewards

If you enroll in Greyhound's Road Rewards, you will receive a onetime 10 percent discount on one ticket purchase as a welcome perk. Members will be awarded "points" during a 12-month period from the date of enrollment based on the online or offline fare purchased for each segment traveled.

A segment is defined by Greyhound as a one-way fare to a destination from your city of origin, including any stops made on the trip. To be awarded points, you must register and activate your account online; purchase a ticket online, by phone or at the station; and complete your trip by redeeming your ticket for travel. Road reward points offer additional perks.

  • Six points gives you 15% off one ticket purchase or one free companion pass on a one-way fare. You must be traveling together.
  • Ten points gives you 20% off one ticket purchase or one free companion pass on a one-way fare.
  • Sixteen points gives you one free trip ticket for a one-way or round-trip fare. Travel must occur on Greyhound (or participating carriers) schedules only.
  • Ongoing benefits include 10% off all food and beverages at participating Greyhound owned food service locations with picture ID and Member ID.

Online Discounts

When you book online, you will always find the cheapest fare regardless if you pay online or reserve the ticket and pay for it in cash at the terminal. There are three types of online ticket options.

  • Economy is always the cheapest fare. However, these tickets are non-refundable with a $20 fee to change your travel date or travel time before the trip. It also allows you to check one bag with a $15 fee for your second bag.
  • Economy Extra allows you to board first and will allow you to take an earlier bus if there is room on the same day of travel. This fare is non-refundable with a $20 change fee and a $15 fee for your second checked bag.
  • Flexible tickets allows priority boarding and are refundable. This ticket category allows you to change travel plans before your travel date at no charge, and there is no charge for your second checked bag. Flexible tickets offer the added perk of three Road Reward Points for each segment of travel.

Non-Internet Fares

This type of fare is available at all Greyhound and authorized Greyhound terminals. There are three types of non-internet fares that offer a variety of options.

  • Advance Purchase is the cheapest fare. It is non-refundable with a $20 change fee and a $15 fee for your second checked bag. This fare will award you with one Road Reward Point each way.
  • Walk -up Fare allows you to be first in line to board and has a $20 change fee and a $15 fee for your second checked bag. This fare will award you with one Road Reward Point each way.
  • Flexible Fare is refundable and there are no fees to change travel details. The first checked bag is free, the second is $15. One Road Reward Point will be awarded.

Quick-Link Commuter Fares

Greyhound Bus

These special passes are only available on certain routes that include Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans, LA; Mt. Laurel, N.J. to New York City; Sacramento, CA to San Francisco, CA (coming soon); and Wilmington, DL to New York City (coming soon). The commuter fares are available in one-day, 10-day, or 30-day passes.

Child Fares

Children aged three to 16 are eligible for a discount when traveling with someone 17 years old or older on the same itinerary. Children two and under ride for free when traveling with someone 17 or older unless they occupy a seat, which entitles them tothe same 20 percent discount off the full fare as children between the ages of three and 16.

You can get two discount kids' tickets for each adult ticket, but any additional kids ages three to 16 traveling with you may have to pay the full fare. All children's discounts are calculated with the regular full adult fare. Discounted fares are not available during peak or holiday periods, on casino routes or in conjunction with other special promotions.

Student Discounts

Students may receive special discounts by purchasing a Student Advantage Discount card. The $20 card entitles the student to a 20 percent discount on fares and a 40 percent discount on shipping packages. You can also get 15 percent off packages sent through Greyhound Package Express.


A military discount is given to active duty, retired military personnel and dependent family members (spouse and dependents only) that have signed up for the Veterans Advantage program. The discount is 10 percent off unrestricted fares. An added perk is 40 percent off package shipping sent through Greyhound Package Express. Military personnel may also travel round-trip anywhere in the continental U.S. for the flat rate of $279.

The Veterans Advantage program is for more than just buses. Members get special insurance coverage, and can save on prescription drugs, travel, dining, entertainment and more.


Greyhound offers a senior discount on tickets. Seniors over 62 years old are eligible for a five percent discount on unrestricted fares. Proof of age may be required. This fare is not available on Greyhound Canada Routes.

Purchasing Greyhound Tickets

There are a few basic ways that you can purchase your tickets. Pricing for motorcoach tickets vary and depend on your starting and ending point and whether you purchase a one-way or round-trip fare.

Buying Online

You may buy tickets online on the Greyhound website. Your ticket will be mailed to you. You may also pick up your ticket at the bus terminal. If you have your tickets mailed, a U.S. credit card and mailing address are required. Online fares will always be less expensive and offer a better value than purchasing tickets at the station.

Purchase by Phone

If you live in the U.S., you may buy a ticket by calling Greyhound at 1-800-231-2222. You will need a credit card to purchase by phone.

Terminal Purchases

Greyhound Bus Station

Many Greyhound terminals across the nation sell tickets. Some also have self service kiosks. To find the terminal nearest you, visit the station locator on the website or search by state. You may purchase your ticket with:

  • Cash
  • U.S. credit cards
  • Travelers checks
  • Personal checks with appropriate identification

Money orders are not accepted as payment.

Greyhound Agencies

There are hundreds of independent agencies that sell Greyhound tickets. These agencies sell both advance purchase and next bus available tickets. Payment acceptance methods vary by agency. is a great resource for finding an agency if you don't already have a relationship with one.

Gift Ticket Orders

You may buy a bus ticket for someone else with a Gift Ticket Order. Tickets can be picked up at the departure station. A non-refundable fee applies and only the purchaser may cancel the ticket and apply for a refund of the fare.

Convenient and Affordable

Taking a motorcoach allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride instead of fighting the traffic and looking and paying for parking once you have reached your destination. Greyhound makes traveling easy, convenient and affordable, especially if you are planning to visit a big city. There are plenty of discounts and incentive programs offered by Greyhound that make this mode of travel especially appealing.

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