Interview: Tips for Finding Very Cheap Airline Tickets

Tips for finding very cheap airline tickets

Are you interested in tips for finding very cheap airline tickets? Who better to share the tricks of the trade than an experienced referring travel agent? Lisa Harkey, owner of the Flip Flops and Sunblock online travel agency, shares her expert tips and suggestions with the readers of LoveToKnow Travel.

What factors impact the cost of airline tickets?

Many factors can impact airline tickets including destination, fuel costs, date of travel, etc, however, the number one factor is "timing". When you buy your ticket is very, very important. Although last minute specials can often yield a good price, don't count on it. Try to buy your ticket at least 3 weeks before your expected departure date and compare prices at alternative airports close to your departure and destination city. For instance, if you are going to Disney World, check out both Tampa and Orlando for your arrival location.

Can using an online travel agency help travelers save money on airline tickets?

Using an online travel agency can definitely benefit those seeking very cheap airline tickets. Online agencies give travelers easy access to competitive airline pricing all on one page. Travelers can quickly compare prices and schedules and choose the one that is best for them. Also, online agency prices are updated constantly, so when "special" pricing is available, the online agencies have access to it immediately. My travel agency website is updated frequently, so my clients have access to the latest and best rates at all times.

What are your top tips for finding very cheap airline tickets?

There are many things travelers should do when seeking low airfares. My best suggestions include:

  • Be flexible, both in time and date of travel.
  • Look for alternative airports for departure and arrival.
  • Try last minute travel. You will love it.
  • If you can't travel at the last minute, try to book as early as possible.
  • Always compare prices using an online travel agency.
  • Don't delay. When you find a fair price that fits your schedule requirements, don't wait, the fare will probably not be getting any cheaper!

What mistakes do travelers make that cause them to have to pay too much for travel?

Many times, travelers do not book early. They think that if they wait and book closer to their departure date, they will "luck into" a sale price. Another common mistake is not using an online travel web site, which makes it difficult to compare prices easily. Incomplete quotes are another bad mistake. Travelers should always make sure that everything is included in any rate quote they receive. Quotes should include all fees, taxes, fuel charges, etc. No mohttp://verney surprises, please!

What can travelers do to keep from having to pay extra fees for luggage when flying?

Learn how to pack smart. Buy a "hand held" luggage scale and weigh your luggage before you go to the airport. Weigh your empty luggage first, you may be surprised at how heavy it is. If you are constantly having problems with the 50 pound weight limit, it may be time to buy a lighter piece of luggage. Always take a sensible carry-on for the extras and put those heavy shoes in the carry-on.

What is the best way to stay informed about last minute deals on air travel?

Subscribe to "last minute travel special newsletters". These are available through online travel web sites as well as airlines. You can subscribe to my Steals and Deals newsletter free. This is a great way to find out about last minute bargains.

Are there actions frequent travelers can take to help them save additional money on airline tickets?

Be vigilant and be flexible. Take control of your own travel, use a good online travel website, and compare prices.

LoveToKnow Travel would like to thank Lisa Harkey for taking the time to share her expertise about saving money on airline tickets and wishes her continued success in the travel industry.

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Interview: Tips for Finding Very Cheap Airline Tickets