Lake Havasu Spring Break

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A Lake Havasu spring break vacation is the perfect destination for spring breakers from all over the United States, and those native to the West are having a hard time keeping this destination place a secret.

Location, Location

Sunny Arizona

Located in sunny Arizona, Lake Havasu averages around 300 days of sunshine annually. Gorgeous scenery and miles of beautiful coastline make a Lake Havasu spring break the perfect getaway for teens and college age young people. It offers the best of both worlds with plenty of water and lots of desert. There are numerous attractions located in this scenic area of the world and plenty of fun for any age. The area is home to the Sonorun desert, the Mohave Mountains, the Chemehuevi Mountains, Lake Havasu, and the Colorado River.

About the Lake

The lake, which is actually a Colorado River reservoir, is approximately 45 miles long. It was created when the Parker Dam was completed in 1938 and is surrounded by cliff walls. Its protected area makes it a perfect lake for boating and other water sports enthusiasts. Nearby Lake Havasu City, located on the western boarder of Arizona, features the famous London Bridge. Located under the bridge is an English Village full of specialty shops and a wide variety of restaurants.

What to Do at Lake Havasu

So, you've chosen Lake Havasu as your spring break, and now you need to plan your vacation. What can you do at Lake Havasu? The question should really be "what can't you do?"

Accommodations and Activities

First, you'll need to decide where to stay, and the choices range from resort hotels and condos to campgrounds. Once you've found accommodations, it's time to plan your activities. With so much water around, water fun is easy to find. Choose from boating, fishing, swimming, white water rafting, jet skiing, kayaking, and more. Other activities include mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, ATV riding, sightseeing tours, and of course shopping.


As you can see, there are plenty of daytime activities, but what about the nightlife? Lake Havasu has long been a popular choice among spring breakers and with good reason. There are plenty of clubs to choose from and typically numerous outdoor parties hosted on the lake and all along the Colorado River.

Visiting Lake Havasu for Spring Break

A Lake Havasu spring break means plenty of all-night partying and crowds of teens and twenty-somethings. If you are looking for peace and quiet during a spring break trip, this isn't the place for you. However, if you want fun in the sun with other sun-seeking, water loving, spring break vacationers, then you couldn't pick a better place than Lake Havasu. If you are a budget conscious college student, there are still many ways to enjoy the beauty and fun of Lake Havasu without cashing in on those student loans.

  • Rent a condo with several other students. Many condos feature pull-out sofas for extra sleeping quarters, and with a condo you can bring your own groceries so you aren't spending money at restaurants for every meal.
  • Try roughing it at a nearby campground. This will save you big bucks, just remember to bring along your camping gear, including a cook stove and supplies, so you're not blowing your money at fast food restaurants. Campgrounds fill up fast, so make your reservations early!
  • Renting a boat may sound expensive, but if you go in with several others, you will actually find this is an economical way to enjoy the lake and all it has to offer. A party boat will give you a place to host those parties without spending money at the clubs in the city.

Important Links

Now that you've got an idea of what there is to do and how to have fun at Lake Havasu, check out the following links for information on accommodations, activities, boat rentals, and more. Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!

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