Las Vegas Airport Tips for Families


Let us offer a few Las Vegas airport tips for families. The Las Vegas airport, known as McCarran Airport, is probably the only airport in the world where people can actually gamble all the way to the gates. Slot machines are located everywhere as well as huge billboards advertising virtually anything that goes on in the city. As far as activities available for kids and families at the Las Vegas Airport, however, there is not much more to offer than what is found at other United States Airports. Therefore, finding ways to keep restless and excited children occupied can be a challenge.

Las Vegas Tips for Families: Inside the Airport

One of the most important Las Vegas tips for families is to remember that kids are not allowed to be near the slot machines located within the Las Vegas Airport, no matter how much the jingle and chimes of the machines may draw their attention. The attendants are very strict about this law. Therefore, the best bet is to go shopping with the children or to occupy them by having a meal before take-off if waiting for a return flight home. In addition, the airport recently added free Internet access. Surfing the Net or sending emails to friends, therefore, can be one way to keep the kids occupied while waiting for a flight.

Luckily, McCarran airport is located only a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Therefore, it is possible to get to there just in time to catch the flight home. It is, however, important to remember that there will be huge security lines. This means the family will need to spend at least two hours in the airport before departure. Families also need to keep an eye on their kids and their belongings while in line. Not only does this ensure their safety, it also helps make the line move more quickly.

Sightseeing and Cultural Mix

The two best things families can enjoy at the Las Vegas airport are actually located outside: watching the planes take off and land. During the day, planes combine with the Las Vegas backdrop to look like a mirage as they lower themselves to the ground after a flight over the desert heat. At night, the desert cannot be seen, but the city's skyline and fantastic lighting, filled with color and brightness, will be sure to make an everlasting memory for every family member.

Another fun way to pass the time at the Las Vegas airport is to observe the variety of people that can be found there. With all of the different cultures, clothing styles, and hairstyles represented, the Las Vegas airport provides a nice window into the world. A fun and educational game to play with the kids while waiting at the airport is to guess where different travelers have come from and try to locate those places on a world map.

Las Vegas Airport Tips for Families: Planning Ahead

Keeping kids occupied at an airport is not an easy task. Therefore, it is best to get out as quickly as possible when arriving. The Luggage Claim area can be problematic because of the long lines. It is a good idea to prepare the kids about these long waits beforehand.

When it is nears time to head back home, plan for activities located near to the airport. This helps make it possible to stretch out the time spent in the city as much as possible, which will help reduce the amount of time actually spent at the airport.

As a special souvenir for the kids, and as a way to keep them occupied, parents may also choose to purchase one of the magician kits available in the airport gift stores. Kids love to learn and to perform tricks. It is common to see children pretending to be the new David Copperfield while waiting at the gates.

When the fun of performing wears out, the children might also enjoy looking at the many photographs on the walls of the terminal. These pictures provide a nostalgic look back at the movies that have featured Las Vegas. Many kids enjoy learning more about these movies, as well as how Las Vegas eventually became the world's capital of entertainment.

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Las Vegas Airport Tips for Families