Las Vegas Coupons

What will YOU do in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas coupons can provide major savings to travelers, convention-goers and local residents. Check out the online coupon offers before you leave for Las Vegas, so you can be ready to start saving as soon as you arrive.

Save Big With Las Vegas Coupons

Las Vegas has always been known for many choices in food and entertainment, some of which are offered at super low prices. However, you will need a discount coupon to lower your costs at better restaurants and buffets or to enjoy the many shows and attractions at reduced prices.

Vendors and kiosks on the Las Vegas Strip offer coupons and coupon books for sale. Some are great deals, but some require you to purchase a book of coupons in which you may only find a few coupons providing significant savings.

If you want to lower your expenses in Las Vegas, you need to "shop" for your coupons before you leave for Las Vegas. Some excellent combinations of super-valuable coupon books are available for purchase. Coupons with big savings potential are also available on the Internet.

Coupon Books

  • Entertainment Book - Buy this book of coupons for $9.99 and you could save as much as $18,000 at over 200 restaurants, 150 shopping venues and 50 attractions. Be sure to enter zip code 89109 to order the Las Vegas coupon book.
  • Dining & Attraction Booklet - This booklet contains over $500 worth of "two for one" offers. Coupons are included for the more expensive restaurants in the major casinos, so it can be easy to recoup the $29.95 cost of the booklet in just one meal.

Internet Coupons

  • Las Vegas Coupons - Print your own coupons for a variety of special deals including "two for one" show tickets, preferred seating at the Hard Rock Café and savings on shows, attractions, shopping, food and drinks.
  • Vegas Coupons - This is a great source for links to the top free coupons for hotels, buffets, shows and attractions.
  • Las Vegas Insider - This website offers coupons for discounts throughout Las Vegas as well as room discounts at the major hotels such as the Bellagio, Luxor and the Mirage. Room discount coupons have excellent discounts, but you need to be sure and watch the coupon's expiration date.

Special Purpose Coupons


Coupons for discounts on food and drink are readily available throughout Las Vegas. In-room magazines, vendors and kiosks on the strip, and hotel lobbies are great sources for food coupons. Most coupons either offer a small percentage (like 10%) off the entire bill or a free appetizer or dessert with the purchase of a meal.For larger discounts on food (like "two for one" pricing) are available in the coupon books like the Entertainment Book and from some Internet sites like Vegas Coupons.


Many of the hotel shows offer "two for one" ticket deals. Check out the coupons at Vegas4Locals. These coupons are usually much better deals than the coupons offered by street vendors and kiosks in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is an excellent shopping city. There are malls close to the casinos and discount malls just a quick bus ride away. Enjoy savings at all of the major stores with the coupons at DestinationCoupons.


When you're tired of feeding the slots and the pool scene is not your thing, consider one of Las Vegas' excellent spas and salons. They tend to be expensive, but you can enjoy major savings with coupons such as those offered at DestinationCoupons Spa deals.


If you plan to get married in Las Vegas, check out the wedding coupons at Vegas4Locals.

Kid Fun

Las Vegas is a great city for kid-friendly attractions. Coupons for up to 40% off admission prices are available at Vegas4Locals.

Tips on Using Coupons

  • Read Carefully - Coupons often have restrictions on days and times they can be used.
  • Know the Offer - Be sure you know what is being offered (such as 15% off the general admission price) and what you might need to do to get a discount (like a free drink with the purchase of an entrée).
  • Present Early - Let your server know that you are using a coupon, so that your special needs can be priced correctly when the order is placed.
  • Tip on the Full Price - The server provided full service even though your price was discounted. You should calculate your tip based on the full price of the meal, not on the final (discounted) price.
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