Las Vegas Golf Courses for Parents and Teenagers

las vegas golf course

Finding a gorgeous Las Vegas golf course for parents and teenagers may seem like an improbability at first. After all, the desert is not exactly filled with the green grasses associated with long drives and short putts. Then again, nothing is impossible in the amazing city of Las Vegas. Here, visitors can find the most incredible golf courses in the world, greener than ever, full of amenities, and close to some of the most amazing entertainment spots in the world. In addition, most of these Las Vegas golf courses are home to international golf tournaments and were even designed by some of the best golfers ever known, including Arnold Palmer.

The Tuscany Golf Club

In perfect Vegas style of bringing other worlds to life, the Tuscany Golf Club was designed to resemble the beautiful Tuscan hills. Surrounded by artificial water, each hole is a true challenge. In addition, the scenery is so breathtaking that most golfers simply must take a moment to stop the game and just look around. From the shape of the hills to the sight of the real plants and trees dotting the course, the designers did an excellent job making it feel like Tuscany. Yet, the gorgeous Southern Nevada Mountains and the nearby Las Vegas Strip still reveal Las Vegas to the eye of the players. After a round of gold, the whole family can enjoy a fine dinner at the Old Tuscan Village located on the premises.

Las Vegas Golf Courses for Parents and Teenagers: Angel Park Golf Course

Arnold Palmer himself designed the beautiful 36-hole Angel Park Golf Course. Just the thrill of playing a round of golf with the kids on a course designed by this legend is reason enough to visit Angel Park. The challenge of the course is another. A great deal of thought was put into creating this course, where water plays an important role in successfully making par. In addition, some holes were specially designed for nighttime play, adding to the unique quality of this golf course.

Dragon Ridge Country Club

The Dragon Ridge Country Club is considered to be home to one of the best courses in America for the true golf enthusiast. In fact, experts consider this course to have created a new benchmark in golfing. Therefore, the opportunity to play at Dragon Ridge is quite an achievement. Teenagers will enjoy testing their skills and comparing them to the scores of a young Tiger Woods. At the same time, parents can improve their game on the course and show off their new skills after returning to their home golf course.

Las Vegas Golf Courses for Parents and Teenagers: Bali Hai Golf Club

Bali Hai Golf Club invites visitors to travel to far Asia. This themed golf club is a great spot for families, particularly for those looking for a unique Indonesian cultural experience while in Las Vegas. The Asian Palms and volcanic rocks are truly deceiving, making guests feel as though they have been swept away to a foreign land.

Legacy Golf Club

The Legacy Golf Club has an authentic Scottish feel to it. It is also home to the United States Open qualifying and is the host of the American Junior Association. Legacy Golf Club provides the perfect place for two generations to pit their talents against each other on the same course. Be sure to check out the tee boxes. In true Vegas style, each one is shaped like a playing card.

Paiute Resort

For families looking for a challenging Las Vegas golf course for parents and teenagers, Paiute Resort may be the right course. This gorgeous resort is a magical destination for its vegetation alone. Trees can be found all over the course, as well as real desert wildflowers. The Nevada mountains add to the beauty by creating a magnificent backdrop to the plant life.

No matter which Las Vegas golf course families choose to visit, they will be sure to cherish the memories for years to come.

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Las Vegas Golf Courses for Parents and Teenagers