Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

In 1996, the Indy Racing League Event inaugurated what is one of today's major attractions in Las Vegas: the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, also simply know as LVMS. Located on a 1,600 acre plot of land, the unique tri-oval shaped Las Vegas Motor Speedway rises in the valley Northeast of the city, just 12 miles from downtown.

Vital Stats

It cost around $200 million to build Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In addition, this massive track is capable of containing up to 250,000 people, 100,000 of which can be seated.

The main unit of the Speedway is comprised of three different racetracks: the Bullring, the Dirt Track, and the Strip. These variances allow virtually any kind of motor race to take place at the Speedway, ensuring its schedule is always filled with major events. NASCAR racing and the UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 are just a few of the more popular events that take place here.

Activities at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers a variety of activities for families, each of which go way beyond just watching a race. When a weekend race is scheduled, gates open on Wednesday and stay open until Monday. Many fans enjoy tailgating all day long during this time and even spend the night camping out. Families can enjoy a nice weekend out at the Speedway and then watch the race, providing for a pleasant time together. The unique experience of camping in the middle of the desert, under the Nevada stars, is unsurpassed.

It is also possible to tour the Speedway every day from 9 to 4 and from 11 to 4 on Sunday. During the tour, families can go "behind the scenes" and see the garages where the drivers hang out and where the teams prepare the cars for the races. The entire family will be amazed to see the garage deck, which is around 52,000 square-feet, where they can stand and actually take a closer look at what the teams are doing inside the garage. Even better, this amazing tour is currently offered for less than $10.

Be an Active Part of It

For an additional charge, tourists are allowed to take a full lap on the track and to take pictures of the finish line. There are also several racing classes offered on the premises, from Mario Andretti's own school to the great Freddie Spencer's riding school. This is what makes Las Vegas Motor Speedway unique. Visitors are truly a part of it all, not just passive spectators. In addition, the kids will have a great time learning about cars and the racing process.

Visiting the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Activities and tours might change according to the scheduled racing events. Regardless of the event, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway can really be considered a positive bonding experience for families.

Pricing differs from one event to another, but convenient packages are usually available during weekend races. These packages can be obtained ahead of time online. Or, families can choose to buy spur-of-the-moment tickets at the Speedway for most events on the day of the race. To add to the excitement, "Pit Passes," which allow the family to actually go inside the pit of the racer's team, are often available at extra cost.

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Las Vegas Motor Speedway