Las Vegas Special Travel Offers

Las Vegas at Night

Las Vegas special travel offers are a great way to enjoy the many attractions of the city in the desert without spending a fortune. Frugal travelers can find a number of discounts, particularly those from tour operators and resort hotels, those offered to last minute travelers, and those available to gamers - even loyal, low budget gamers.

Las Vegas Packages

A variety of travel companies, such as Funjet and Apple Vacations, offer package deals to Las Vegas that include a charter flight, accommodations, and transportation to and from the resort. Such packages are usually much cheaper than purchasing the airfare and hotel separately. Plus, you have the advantage of a non-stop flight, where everyone else is going on vacation in Vegas. The flights usually take on a party atmosphere as soon as the wheels are up.

Airlines, too, especially low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines and America West Airlines, offer packages that combine airfare and hotel accommodations for a significant savings.

Last Minute Las Vegas

If you don't have to go to Vegas a particular weekend, Las Vegas special travel offers are often available at the last minute, that is within a week of departure. Airlines, such as United, Continental, and American, offer unsold seats at a deep discount via their Web sites and Las Vegas is frequently among the offers. Such airfare must be purchased immediately and are usually offered on Tuesday for Friday or Saturday departures.

In addition, Las Vegas resorts frequently dramatically discount their hotel rooms to fill those still available one or two weeks in advance. This is most advantageous to those who can drive to Las Vegas, as most airfares require a two to three-week advance purchase.

Las Vegas for Gamblers

Many Las Vegas special travel offers exist for a resort's regular gaming customers, and you don't have to be a "whale" to qualify. Slot machine players can take advantage of casino "player's clubs," which offer a variety of discounts, gifts, and even free rooms and meals based on how much you play. It pays to do most of your gaming at one casino and to sign up from their program before you start play. You'll get a card to insert in the slot machine and your points are tracked electronically. Table gamers can advise the pit boss of their card number and accumulate points for playing blackjack, poker, craps, and other table games.

More serious (those that spend a large amount gambling at one casino) gamblers are customarily offered perks, such as complimentary hotel rooms, meals, limo transportation, and even flight to and from Vegas.

Special travel offers to Las Vegas exist if you are flexible with your travel dates, patient, and you know where to look. Enlisting the aid of a travel agent who is familiar with Las Vegas travel is a good way to keep abreast of the latest travel specials. In most cases, her services are free.

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Las Vegas Special Travel Offers