Tips for Visiting Las Vegas with Kids Under Two

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There are things to do in Las Vegas with the baby.

Let us offer some tips for parents with infants and toddlers while visiting Las Vegas. For parents of infants planning to take a Las Vegas trip, the city has a great deal to offer. In fact, many Las Vegas businesses are fully aware that parents may need time away from the kids now and again in order to truly enjoy all the city has to offer. Therefore, the hotels, the resorts, and just the city in general, offer a wide variety of babysitting options to parents.

Tips for Parents with Infants and Toddlers: Hotel Childcare Service

Families that are staying in a major hotel or resort can often take advantage of infant care services directly provided by the facility. The Palms, Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, Suncoast Hotel and Casino, and The Orleans Hotel all provide childcare services to guests. Some hotels even offer it for free to those who stay there. Most hotels also offer care for both the night and the day, making it possible for parents to spend the day gambling without a worry, or spend the evening taking in a romantic dinner and a show. Some hotels, such as Caesar's Palace, will help families arrange for outside childcare if necessary. Hotel childcare services are generally best for parents who only need a few hours of time alone because the hours of availability can be so varied.

On Call Babysitting Services

While on a Las Vegas trip, parents with infants and toddlers can take advantage of private daycare agencies or independent babysitters as well. Many times, these providers will actually go to the hotel room and stay with the child while the parents are away. The phone numbers to these agencies can often be obtained through the hotel. If the hotel is not capable of providing help in this area, the yellow pages are another resource. It is, however, best to go through the hotel because they can generally provide you with the names of the most reputable services available. Hiring an on call babysitter is best for parents who need to have an entire night alone or who will be gone for an extended period of time.

Tips for Parents with Infants and Toddlers: Drop Off Locations

Drop off daycare facilities are fully operational facilities that supervise infants and toddlers that are brought to the facility. Many of these daycares are accustomed to providing services to parents taking a Las Vegas trip that need a little time away. Therefore, these Las Vegas daycares don't require the extensive paperwork many parents are accustomed to when registering a child for daycare back home.

Drop off daycares are generally best for parents who need an extended period of time during the day to be alone. There are, however, some drop off locations that are open 24 hours per day. Internet sites such as Las Vegas Childcare can be an excellent resource for families trying to locate an on call babysitting service or a drop off location.

Advice for Screening Daycare Services

One of the most important tips for parents with infants and toddlers is to throroughly screen sitters when trying to find a babysitter while on a Las Vegas trip. Facilities provided by hotels should be considered safe because they need to meet certain licensing requirements in order to have a daycare operation on the premises. Independent services, however, may not be licensed. In this case, you could be taking an unnecessary risk with your child's life by utilizing those services.

Be sure any daycare facility chosen is properly licensed and professional. In addition, parents should only deal with providers that are established and have a positive reputation. If the hotel cannot recommend a daycare facility, it is a good idea to consult the Better Business Bureau to be sure the one being considered is in good standing.

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Tips for Visiting Las Vegas with Kids Under Two