Las Vegas Weekend Specials

Las Vegas weekend specials can be easy to find.

Package deals are a great place to start if you are looking for big Las Vegas weekend specials.

Flexibility is Key

The more flexible you are, the better the chance that you can get a great deal on a weekend in Las Vegas. You will enjoy lower rates if you're flexible with the number of days you stay and your willingness to make a fast decision when offered a good deal. For example:

  • Holiday travel - Many holiday weekends such as Thanksgiving and Christmas have lower numbers of travelers, so it is usually easier to get a hotel deal or a great price on a show ticket. Other holidays, particularly those during the spring and fall weather such as Easter, still have high volumes of travelers so they don't tend to have the reduced rates.
  • Weather-related travel - AOL Travel reports that the hot summer months of July and August and the cold months of January and February typically have lower room rates.
  • Stay a third night - Book three nights at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel and you will receive the third night at no charge.
  • Arrive a day early or leave a day late - Arrive on Thursday or leave on Monay morning. Prices for Thursday and Sunday night are usually less expensive than weekend rates.

Finding Las Vegas Weekend Specials

Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway or a fun family vacation, vacation packages are usually less expensive than booking the airfare and hotel separately. Often you can also obtain a larger package including show tickets and/or a car which bring additional savings. A vacation package that is offered by a specific hotel may also include show tickets, free meals or reduced prices on their buffets.A great place to look for specials on weekend packages is through online travel agencies such as:

As soon as you know what weekend you want to travel, use an online travel agency website to do a little comparison shopping of the various packages offered. Price out alternative arrival and departure dates so that you can get a "baseline" price of a package that includes the airline, hotel and car (if needed) options.

After you know the baseline price, you can quickly evaluate special deals on vacation packages. For example:

  • An airline price reduction for all flights into Las Vegas can have a major impact on the package price.
  • One of the Las Vegas hotels may decide to drop room rates for certain weekends, resulting in reduced prices in all packages that include that hotel.
  • Unsold packages may be offered right before the weekend.
  • Unsold show tickets also become available at greatly reduced prices.

Be Smart and Save Big

Here are a few tips to take advantage of Las Vegas weekend specials:

  • Arrange an email alert- Arrange to have an online travel agency send you an email when prices drop for a weekend package in Las Vegas.
  • Book at a business-oriented hotel - Many hotels such as Extended Stay Hotels offer reduced prices on weekend stays when business people have typically checked out.
  • Call the hotel's front desk - Unsold rooms are often offered at big savings at the last minute by hotel managers. These special deals are usually not known by the hotel's central reservation services or the discount travel agencies.
  • Don't turn down the car - You may find that the best package deal in Las Vegas for the weekend you want includes a car rental. Even if you don't need the car, don't ignore packages that include cars. You can always cancel the car rental.
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