Last Minute Trips

Last Minute Trips

Last minute trips can really get your adrenaline going. Whether it's a spontaneous weekend getaway or a pop-up business trip, spare of the moment travel can present a host of challenges.

Search the Web

One of the best ways to save on last minute trips is to search the Internet. Use it to your advantage to find aggregate travel sites, such as and, to score big savings on spur of the moment airfare.

Airline Deals

Jetting off on a spare of the moment romantic rendezvous is even better if you can do it for free. By enrolling in a frequent flyer program you can accumulate miles and earn award travel on your favorite airline.

Package Deals

Last minute travel doesn't have to cost you a fortune. By bundling your hotel, airfare and rental car costs you can save hundreds of dollars. Look for travel packages that feature multiple items for one low price.

Make Friends with a Travel Agent

A good travel agent will remember your destination preferences and your budget. By cultivating a relationship with a good travel agent you can be on the receiving end of special travel alerts that can save you precious time and a lot of money.

Prepare Your Passport

If you enjoy taking last minute trips, then be sure to keep your passport current. After all, that phenomenal deal to Spain is not going to mean much if you don't have your travel documents up-to-date.

Network Advantages

Take advantage of advances in technology to find amazing last minute travel deals. Most major airlines and hotel chains offer super savings on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. By subscribing to these social networking sites you can score fantastic deals.

Hotel Deals

Finally, to land hot hotel deals at the last minute, consider using Internet sites, such as The site features listings of thousands of hotel deals from the best lodgings worldwide. What's more, once you register on the site, you will be emailed special offers to help you save even more.

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Last Minute Trips