Manchebo Beach Vacation

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Nothing is more relaxing than a beautiful Manchebo Beach vacation. Nestled between Eagle Beach and Druif Beach, this expanse of white sand is favored by couples visiting Aruba. What can you expect while traveling to this beach? Read on and find out!

Planning a Manchebo Beach Vacation

Planning your Manchebo Beach vacation can be as easy as a click on your computer mouse. Of course you may also plan your vacation through a travel agency or AAA. It doesn't matter who plans your vacation, as long as you include a view of the sunset and a visit to popular hot spots in Aruba on your itinerary!

Manchebo Beach accomodations

The hotel you choose on or near this beach can definitely set the mood for your vacation. Many travelers to this area have suggested that choosing a room above the ground floor is a must. With all of the foot traffic to the beach area, people walking by ground floor rooms can make resting difficult, especially during the day. The only resort on this particular beach is the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. Recently renovated, this resort has 71 luxurious rooms for guests. There are ocean view or garden views here, depending upon the room you choose. Guests can choose from an all-inclusive vacation package, or they may pay as they go. Room rates range from $159 to $295 per night.

The Caribbean-style spa, Spa de Sol, is the perfect place to relax and unwind while visiting this beach. Enjoy massages, body wraps, facials, pedicures and more. Visitors may also take advantage of yoga meditation classes and an outdoor fitness facility.

Guests may eat at the onsite French Steakhouse, or they may visit other nearby eateries away from the beach.

A few of the other nearby accomodations include:

Local Customs

While visiting Manchebo Beach, visitors should be aware that women frequently go topless on this particular beach. For this reason, some visitors may feel this is not a family-appropriate vacation spot.

Things to Do

While lying on the beach is the most popular thing to do while on your Manchebo Beach vacation, there are many other things to see and do nearby. Favorite destinations include:

  • The Aruba Ostrich Farm - a great family day trip. Learn about ostriches and emus, then enjoy a relaxing meal in the Savannah Lodge Bar and Restaurant.
  • The Butterfly Farm - another great family stop while visiting Aruba. Be sure to bring your camera while visiting this tour-guided vacation destination. Once you purchase an admission ticket you may return as many times as you want during your vacation.
  • Jeep Safari Tours - if you enjoy a little adventure in your vacations, then a jeep safari tour may satisfy your wanderlust. These tours last a half-day and include food and drinks on your journey.
  • Snorkeling - not up to scuba diving but you love investigating things underwater? Snorkeling may be the answer for you. Snorkeling can be practiced before you ever get to Aruba in a swimming pool. Once you arrive in Aruba you may rent snorkeling gear from Red Sail Sports.

There are many more unexpected and delightful experiences to have when visiting Manchebo Beach including quad racing, museums, horseback riding, Harley Davidson rentals and more!

Manchebo Beach is a romantic place to visit for couples. One of the most impressive things to see while visiting there is the sunset in the evening. If you do nothing else while visiting there, be sure to grab a cold drink at the Manchebo Beach Resort's bar, grab your sweetheart and find a secluded spot on the beach to enjoy the setting sun.

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Manchebo Beach Vacation