New York City Thanksgiving Day Travel Packages

View the infamous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person!

New York city Thanksgiving Day travel packages can help to save you time and money if you are planning on trekking to the big apple in the fall.

Planning a Trip to New York

Paying New York city a visit will guarantee your friends or family a great time discovering to one of America's most diverse and historical states. From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, New York city in particular has long intrigued visitors, especially during the fall -- with its famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and other related celebrations.

Going to New York during the holidays can be quite pricey if you do not plan accordingly. Booking your flights far in advance can help to cut costs, and researching good New York City Thanksgiving Day travel packages can give you a budget-conscience deal without compromising the quality of your upcoming excursion.

Where to find New York City Thanksgiving Day Travel Packages



There are a few avenues you can take when looking for the best all-inclusive cost for your vacation to the east coast. One of the easiest and most affordable is the website This is only one of many online travel agencies available for you to peruse and click through your travel confirmations. Expedia is a favorite as it consistently shows the lowest of prices and is known for more than adequate customer service. It is also extremely easy to use, meaning that with only a brief orientation, anyone would be able to plan the family outings and lodging.

Other Travel Sites

Other travel websites such as Travelocity, Priceline, and Orbitz are also phenomenal when it comes to helping you plan specific packages. Almost all of these sites provide pictorial tours of your New York City accommodations, give you a flat rate comparison of many airlines, and some will even provide holiday specials and tourist information.

However, be sure to check for a difference between the price you agree to and the one you get when you click "confirm." These web pages claim to be "time sensitive,"however, it is important to make sure you are not being overcharged. It's in your best interest to check with the root airlines and hotels themselves to know their base prices before convincing yourself you are getting the best airfare deal.

Travel Agents

Another way to find your New York travel package is to go through a physical travel agent. Sadly, many travel agencies have taken a financial hit thanks to the aforementioned travel sites, however, you just can't beat the benefits of having a living, breathing person at your disposal for any question you may have. Travel agencies can get you through the red tape of travel you may not even know about and warn you about hidden fees you may not have considered. If you are traveling from another country, exceptional agents will provide you with local culture information and other things you should know. This is especially important around Thanksgiving and New Year's when New York is overcrowded with visitors. Knowing how to navigate your way around the city and having an experienced person work out your plans rather than trusting the Internet can make a world of difference in your New York city experience.


Lastly, you can pay a visit to NYCTrip, a website that claims to be the "official" travel package provider to NYC. Whether or not they are recognized by the city itself, it is no secret this site is great at giving the novice traveler advice and also finding you great hotel stays and other components of your trip you need to plan.

One such package offered is called the Thanksgiving & Macy's Parade Vacation. Starting at around $790 pp, this 4-night hotel stay includes a hotel amazingly close to the parade route, saving you money otherwise spent on cab fare or other modes of transportation to this New York favorite. You can also upgrade to the "Insider's View" package that includes a delicious thanksgiving dinner or a special breakfast overlooking the street on parade day.

Options also include a viewing of the inflation of the event's famous balloons or a holiday lights motorcoach sightseeing tour throughout the city.

It is recommended you visit NYCTrip as soon as you have finalized your travel dates, as the further ahead you book, the better deals you will receive.

Good New York Hotel options for Thanksgiving Trips

You can also strike out on your own to book a hotel by going the old fashioned route - contacting the hotels individually. Accor Novotel is one such hotel that boasts viewing of the parade right from their hotel room balconies. You can also check out the Comfort Inn near Central Park or the Doubletree in Times Square. Be sure to book early! Most viewing rooms are filled by June.

Thanksgiving Trip Options

Depending on your budeget, length of stay, and interests, you can often choose various option with New York City Thanksgiving packages. These may include a turkey dinner before of after the parade, bus tours or other tour options, or tickets for events like the Radio City Rockettes' "Christmas Spectacular".

Things to See While in New York

While visiting the big apple, make sure you visit all of the local masterpieces such as the Statue of Liberty and one of many Broadway shows. Seasonally, the aforementioned Thanksgiving Day parade put on by Macy's is great for kids and adults alike - if crowds don't scare you off.

Ice skating in Rockefeller Center and shopping, well, everywhere, are other popular tourist activities. Take a boat on the Hudson River and catch a Giants game if you are looking for more recreational options.

New York is a great place to spend the holidays and will provide countless memories for your family to cherish in the years to come.

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New York City Thanksgiving Day Travel Packages