Family-Friendly Museums in New York City

Metropolitan Museum of Art is family-friendly.

New York City is the center of culture and diversity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the variety of New York City museums available that cater to families and children.

Family oriented museums in New York City address many issues of interest, as well as concerns that are relevant to families. For example, all of the museums geared toward family life have an educational goal. These goals include providing insights on topics ranging from literacy, to science, to art. In addition, each museum is designed to stimulate curiosity and the imagination. New York City museums provide fun activities that engage participants and provide wholesome fun for everyone.

New York City Museums for Families: Staten Island Children's Museum

The Staten Island Museum has a wealth of learning opportunities, and is one of the most fun and exciting New York City museums for families. Some of the museum's exhibits include an insect exhibit and an animal care and husbandry exhibit. The museum also offers the Great Explorations exhibit, which offers children the opportunity to explore interesting careers and cultures, such as what it is like to be a dog sled driver. The Sea of Boats lets kids become pirates, while Portia's Playhouse allows children to dress up and let their imaginations run wild.

Brooklyn Children's Museum

This New York City museum is chocked full of exhibits that celebrate education and diversity. The Brooklyn Children's Museum features many visiting exhibits and promotes cultural events and live concerts. Also located on the facility are a greenhouse, a music mix center with plenty of instruments to discover, and an animal hut. In addition, the museum includes an exhibit called Together in the City, which touches on the variety of cultures and people that exist in New York City. This exhibit includes replicas of Yankee Stadium, pizzerias, Bah Mitzvahs, and a Chinese New Years Celebration.

New York City Museums for Families: Children's Museum of Manhattan

This Children's Museum of Manhattan provides an eclectic mix of activities that will stimulate both children and adults. Offering exhibits that encourage growth through activities, this New York City museum often draws on the unique talents of educators and master artists such as Andy Warhol and Lewis Carroll.

New York Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

The New York Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is both a gallery and a museum filled with amazing art. Comics, cartoons, and illustrations are featured in a variety of showings, programs, and guest speakers. The goal of this New York City museum is to promote awareness and education while preserving this unique art form.

Queens County Farm Museum

The Queens County Farm Museum is located of a 47-acre track of land and is the only working farm left in the city. The land was first farmed in 1697 and there are many historical buildings still standing. This New York City museum serves as an oasis amidst the city, providing ample opportunities to learn about traditional and rural life.

New York Hall of Science

The focus of the amazing New York Hall of Science museum is science and math. The facility includes a 300-seat auditorium, a 16-screen video wall, and a Technology Center. It also offers special programs designed to spark an interest in science and math. Program schedules change frequently, offering a new experience every time this New York City museum is visited.

There are many meaningful experiences to be had for the family at New York City museums. Each is packed full of activities sure to inspire and delight while providing an opportunity for families to be together and learn while having fun.

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Family-Friendly Museums in New York City