Visiting the Children's Museum of Manhattan

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The Children's Museum of Manhattan is oriented toward the all age groups. Offering a wide selection of activities, events, and art that will entertain everyone, the museum is a must see for families.

The Children's Museum of Manhattan: Art Of Andy Warhol

The exciting Andy Warhol exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan lets visitors revisit a special Andy Warhol project that was originally devised to inspire and introduce children to the world of art. The artwork, Paintings for Children, was originally exhibited in Zurich in the 1980's. The exhibit features paintings of toys and beautifully created silk-screens of such notable characters as Superman and Uncle Sam. Visitors are encouraged to create their own masterpieces by making screen prints and by taking digital photographs. Young children may also dress up in costumes inspired by Warhol's series called Myths.

Alice's Wonderland-A Most Curious Adventure

"Alice's Wonderland - A Most Curious Adventure" is an unusual exhibit that examines reality in a unique way. Optical illusions and puzzles are tackled in The Hall of Mirrors, while The Mad Hatter's Tea Party examines different fluids. Geometric designs and movement concepts are also investigated while exploring The Croquet Ground.

Dora the Explorer

Dora, a favorite character of many children, is the heroine and host of this fun exhibit. Set in the tropical rainforest, complete with a pyramid that can be climbed on, this exhibit teaches lessons in both English and in Spanish. Children can explore the rainforest and play on Boot's tree house, and then end the visit at a fiesta with Dora.


The Children's Museum of Manhattan has many programs directed to the larger community. For example, the museum has six outreach programs that are intended to reach under-represented communities. In addition, the museum sponsors internships for high school and college students. The Early Childhood Center and the Russell Berries Creativity Lab are other activities meant to bring the community, education, and the museum together.


The Children's Museum of Manhattan was designed by educational specialists. Together, they have managed to create an environment offering a healthy dose of fun with every lesson. Based on the idea that children are kinetic learners, they created a wondrous world of oversized exhibits and larger than life adventures that encourage interaction between the child and the outside world. For interested teachers, the museum also offers tours and workshops designed to help them enhance the learning experience of children.

A Museum Party

Parents can host a party for their children at The Children's Museum of Manhattan. The parties include 90 minutes of directed activity led by educators. The party also features art and music. In addition, participants get to make an art project and they receive plenty of treats to eat.

Location of the Children's Museum of Manhattan

The Manhattan Children's Museum focuses on providing an enriching experience to visitors. It inspires wonder, challenges the imagination, and provides a day of entertainment for the whole family. It is best to call in advance at (212) 721-1234 to learn about seasonal events.

The Manhattan Children's Museum is located The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street, NY, New York 10024.

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Visiting the Children's Museum of Manhattan