Visiting the Staten Island Children's Museum

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The Staten Island Children's Museum challenges visitors' imaginations from the minute they walk through the door. Located within Staten Island's Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the museum is an interactive experience that invites children to learn through play and exploration.

Features and Exhibits at the Staten Island Children's Museum

The Staten Island Children's Museum has a number of features and exhibits that are guaranteed to spark the children's imagination while helping them learn more about the world around them.

Insect Exhibit

The Insect Exhibit is an exciting interactive display that encourages children to see the world from an insect's point of view. This exhibit even features a gigantic anthill the children will enjoy exploring. The whole family can learn more about beehives, spiders, butterflies, and other insects while exploring over 200 different real life samples that are on display.


While at the Staten Island Children's Museum, children are allowed to participate in the care and feeding of museum animals at certain times of the day. An interesting mix of frogs, bugs, fish and even a pig can all be observed and cared for at the museum. In addition, the children get to become different animals by experiencing certain sensations as they are experienced by animals, such a being able to hear like a cat and or to smell like dog.

Great Explorations

The Great Explorations exhibit gives children the chance to, as the name suggests, explore, explore, explore. Opportunities include learning what it is like to drive sled dogs, how to build an igloo, and how to walk on snowshoes. Children can even experience what it would be like to visit a rain forest or to travel to the ocean floor.

Sea of Boats

The Sea of Boats outdoor play area allows children to experience life as a sailor. This adventures features Morse code activities, a crow's nest, and play fishing activities. When weather permits, there is even a water play area.

Portia's Playhouse

Portia's Playhouse at the Staten Island Children's Museum is a true theatrical experience! Here, children don costumes and use props and sound effects in order to produce their own plays. The theater also regularly hosts real productions designed to entertain children of all ages.

Become a Firefighter

The Become a Firefighter exhibit allows children to slide down the fire pole, ring the bell, get on a fire truck and manipulate the equipment. To top it off, they get to wear real firefighting gear and transform themselves into real firefighters.

Block Harbor

Aye Matey! Block Harbor is a great exhibit that allows the pirate within to become unleashed. With a fascinating pirate ship open for exploration, complete with ladders to climb, galleys to raid, wheels to steer and telescope to peek through, this exhibit is pure fun.

Giant Board Games

The Giant Board Games at the Staten Island Children's Museum are a feature that is sure to be remembered long after the visit is over. The game room is filled with giant pieces that allow the family to play games such as chess, checkers, or even dominoes.

Special Events

Many special events take place regularly at the Staten Island Children's Museum. The family focused special events facility offers a variety of seasonal and special events, as well as special exhibits, throughout the year. There is also a unique topic that is explored every Thursday in the special events facility. The specific topic that is explored changes on a monthly basis. Children can also have their birthday party at the museum for a small fee. Parties at the museum feature an educator, art and crafts activities, and plenty of learning opportunities for everyone involved.

The Staten Island Children's Museum demonstrates a commitment to schools as well. Teachers are welcome to bring classes for wonderful, fun filled field trips. Teachers can receive special training beforehand in order to ensure a unique and memorable experience is had by all. The museum also offers accommodations to children with special needs. Groups are asked to book reservations 4 weeks in advance.

Visiting the Staten Island Children's Museum

The Staten Island Children's Museum is open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5:00 pm. Grandparents are admitted for free on Wednesdays. On Saturday and Sunday, it is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is also a family picnic area at the museum, making it simple for a family to pack a lunch to enjoy during their visit. Alternatively, lunch is available inside from one of the vendors.

The museum is located at 1000 Richmond Terrace on Staten Island. After riding the ferry, visitors can ride the S40 bus to the Snug Harbor Road stop. The museum may be called ahead of time to check on special exhibits at (718) 766-2060.

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Visiting the Staten Island Children's Museum