Packing RV Ideas


Owning an RV guarantees you great camping year round. Read on for some packing RV ideas to prepare you for wherever the road may lead.

Packing RV Ideas for Families

If you purchase an RV and are planning on taking it on the road, it is very likely the case you have a spouse and children in your life. Family camping can be challenging, however it is easy to turn it into a simple and enjoyable experience. Being prepared with proper packing RV ideas will help you to make memories on happy trails time and again.

Many people have no idea what to pack in this half-car/half-house contraption they have acquired. If you come from a lineage of hotel-dwellers, then chances are you do not have any past examples to draw upon. Camping itself may seem like a daunting task, let alone knowing what to stock inside your mobile lodging.


For the RV's kitchen, it is a good idea to purchase some of the essentials such as paper or plastic plates, bowls, cups, and utensils. Get enough so each member of family will have enough for each meal of the trip duration. Not having to do dishes in the RV can save you a lot of time and expense. Even though you are "roughing it", there is no need to create unnecessary work for yourself.

Reusable cooking items such as pots and pans should also be stocked in the RV kitchen. Also consider some fun supplies for activities such as marshmallow roasting. Do you have some straightened clothes hangers that will do the trick when it comes to browning these treats over the open fire? Do you have some metal skewers on hand for that next remote BBQ?

Keeping some food in the RV that is either long lasting or non-perishable is also an excellent idea. Include coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and perhaps some packets of Kool-Aid or Crystal Light into your shopping list. One-use condiments such as salt & pepper, ketchup, mayo, and sugar are also handy when you realize you've forgotten the bigger version before leaving home.


A few sets of bed linens are ideal, especially for long trips where you don't anticipate having the ability to do loads of laundry easily. On top of this you will want to stock up on towels and other supplies for a spontaneous hike orbeach day.

Keeping House On an RV

Cleaning supplies are a necessity on any RV, as things get dirty and messy more often than you might expect. Keeping a broom and dustpan, a sponge and scrubber, and a variety of soaps and cleansers will keep your home away from home looking like new.

It is also recommended you purchase an inexpensive plastic box and stock it full of useful items such as sunscreen, aspirin, bug spray, cotton balls, band-aids, and other items you may need to use in a pinch. Putting some emergency cash in this box is also recommended.

Help Pass the Time


Board games are a great list item for packing RV ideas. Many toy and game stores sell travel sized versions of your favorite classics. While a regular set is fine as well, with the bumps and turns in the road you may want to purchase one of these specialized versions with portable game boards and locking pieces.

Individual Activities

Coloring books are also a great thing to have on hand for the little ones. Crayons can be easily transported in another inexpensive plastic bin and are able to keep kids entertained for hours on end. Encourage children to read by not including a television inside of your RV. They can easily learn to value journaling, reading, and other quiet time activities which they consider less-often at home.

Special Items

Lastly, consider packing RV ideas that are well-suited to your family individually. Are there special toys that should go along for the trip? Favorite snacks for the journey? Make an RV trip special for each individual family member and you will be sure to have a wonderful vacation worth cherishing in the years to come.

Organizing Ideas

In a small space, it's essential to pack items neatly and keep things well organized. A few ways to pack items in small include:

  • Sealing items tightly in oversize plastic bags or slim plastic containers.
  • Packing items neatly and as condensed as possible.
  • Pack loose and kitchen items in plastic container with lids to keep items from moving around and or falling out of cabinets with the RV's movement. Use Rubber liners to kkep packed items in place as well.
  • Use mesh pocket bags to keep frequently used items accessible but neatly stowed.
  • Use collapsible hamper for laundry storage.

To stay organized and replenish supplies, the first time you go on a trip in your RV, create a master list of all the items you brought (or wished you would have!) and have it laminated for future packing.

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