Sightseeing on Kos

Beautiful Beaches

When you want a vacation with sandy beaches, historic ruins, and a lively nightlife, you will find that sightseeing on Kos fits the bill. This Greek island is a slice of paradise.

Location of Kos

Kos lies in the middle of the Dodecanese chain of Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. Kos, shown on this map, is the third largest island.

Ideal Times to Visit

Kos can be extremely hot in July and August and also quite crowded with tourists. Mid-May and June are more ideal months for sightseeing on Kos. The mosquitoes aren't out yet and the nights are cool.

How to Travel

The main road runs through the center of the island. Good road signs marking the beaches and towns are easily viewed. While there are many times you will want to walk, renting a car or motorcycle at Kefalos Tours or one of the many other rental spots is practical as well as inexpensive. There are buses with regular posted schedules, but always make sure when you plan for your outing that there is a bus to take you back to your original destination. You don't want to have to end up walking because you missed the last bus.

The Best Sightseeing On Kos

  • Museums/Ruins

You will definitely want to visit Hippocrates' Tree which has a trunk that measures twelve meters. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, was born in Kos, and it is believed he planted this tree and taught under it.

A statue of Hippocrates can be found in the Archeological Museum in Eleftherias Square, in the center of town. Visitors can learn about the history of the island as well as other Greek history. ''' The Castle of St. John, built in the 15th century by the knights of St. John, is beside the harbor in Kos Town. The ruins are in good condition and lovely to walk around. The cost to get inside the castle is three Euros for adults, and children are free.

Tame peacocks are at The Secret Forest at Placa so be sure to bring along some bread to feed these lovely creatures. You can also bring food for yourself as eating a picnic at the Forest is a great way to enjoy a meal as well as the scenery.

Asklepieion, to the southeast of Kos Town, can be reached by riding the train. This sanctuary was dedicated to Askklepios. From the hilly terrain of the ruins, Turkey can be seen across the sea.

The Roman Ruins in Kos Town has wall paintings, immaculate mosaics, an old Roman road, and a bathing pool.

  • Beaches

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches on the island is Kefalos, located about 20 miles or 43 kilometers from Kos Town. (For help with converting kilometers to miles, go to the Metric Conversion Guide ). Liminonas has two fairly secluded beaches which are nice if you want a little more privacy. Marmari is a beautiful sandy beach. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent at all of these beaches.

  • Restaurants/Nightlife

Kos has over thirty restaurants and bars, even two Chinese restaurants. The El Grecos is quite popular with a tasty selection of Greek food, including, of course, mousaka on its menu. Many tourists enjoy Restaurant Liminonas for its fresh fish. The island boasts of an active nightlife with lively bars that have karaoke, cool drinks, and dancing.

To Top Off Your Kos Sightseeing

And after all your sightseeing on Kos, don't forget to enjoy a relaxing time at Therme, the hot springs, located on the southeast of Kos. Simply park your motorcycle, bike or car, and walk for about seven minutes to the end of the beach where springs flow, surrounded by large rocks.

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Sightseeing on Kos