Southern Michigan Romantic Getaways

A Taste of Wildlife

Southern Michigan romantic getaways abound in the regions of Detroit, Ann Arbor and along Lake Michigan's shore. For those living in the city, an escape to the shore can be a needed break. For those from small towns, a road trip to Detroit might be just what the doctor ordered. If you don't live in the region, cheap tickets make this destination a viable option.

Travel and Relaxation

The key to any romantic getaway is to relax. As both partners relax, time spent together quickly becomes quality time. The key question is what kinds of relaxing getaways are available in southern Michigan?

Of course, that depends on how the couple likes to relax. For some, a luxury hotel in the city with a health spa and gourmet restaurant is the key to relaxation. For others, a B & B or an idyllic campground on Lake Michigan's shore is the place to regroup after a hectic week.

Southern Michigan Romantic Getaways Highlights

The following destinations each have their charms. Visit Detroit for a big-city experience, Ann Arbor or South Haven for the charms of smaller cities, and the coastal region if you need to escape the city.

Coastal Region

What's more romantic than a getaway to the Lake Michigan shore? Discovering the wineries and chocolate of this region are great options for a weekend for two. The shore is a stone's throw away and the atmosphere in the region is full of romance. While summer might seem the obvious time to visit the coast, fewer tourists, lower prices, and fall foliage and winter snow can make beautiful backdrops for a romantic weekend. The following inns offer excellent facilities and are sure to make your getaway weekend a success:

South Haven:

Coloma Region:

  • The Kingsley House: gorgeous accommodations with wineries, fruit orchards, nature and the shore all nearby
  • Sans Souci B&B ('No Worries): aptly named in French, Sans Souci offers a 50-acre nature retreat for the ultimate romantic getaway

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has the vitality of being a college town, where almost a third of the city's residents are college students. This creates the young mentality often associated with a college environment, as well as bringing many museums and sporting events to the area. These inns are ideal places from which to explore the city:


For the cosmopolitan couple, a city getaway can bring chances to visit museums and eat in fine restaurants.

  • Hotel St. Regis: provides beautiful guest rooms, gourmet restaurant, fitness center and an attentive staff. Who could ask for anything more?
  • MGM Grand: luxurious accommodations are just the start of your romantic weekend! Before going out for the best dinner you've had in months, head to the spa for a massage and a manicure to make you feel beautiful from head to toe.
  • Somerset Inn: located in Troy, a Detroit suburb, this inn is the perfect place to relax

Planning Your Getaway

The links above provide inspiration for your trip, but don't forget to look into the details of what you'll do once you arrive. Depending on the season, the activities you pursue will most likely differ.These ideas for southern Michigan romantic getaways are enough to inspire the beginning stages of your trip planning. Don't forget to take the seasons into consideration while planning your trip, and do consult your partner if you haven't been together long enough to really know what kind of getaway he or she thinks is the ideal romantic weekend. Southern Michigan has it all, from the big city to the quiet shores of Lake Michigan, so no matter what your preferences are, the region is sure to deliver.

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Southern Michigan Romantic Getaways