Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Do not let your baby pack the suitcase

There are many wonderful tips for packing a suitcase. Now is the perfect time to learn the best methods for packing your suitcases, especially with the price of gasoline on the rise and airlines struggling to stay in business. The airlines are suffering great financial losses and they are passing these costs onto the consumer. Cheap airfare is becoming more and more difficult to find.

Many airlines already charge extra for more than one suitcase, so it's very wise to learn how to pack a suitcase in order to ensure that you can save money by avoiding extra charges at the airport. Nobody wishes their bags could be heavier, so it's best to pack only those items which are absolutely essential. Let's take a closer look at some tips for packing a suitcase.

Best Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Research Before You Pack

It's always best to only bring the bare essentials. Oftentimes, travelers make their luggage even heavier by packing things that they will not even use during their vacation. For instance; hair dryers, beach towels, an ironing board, shampoo, and bathrobes are some common items that people pack without thinking that these things will usually be available for them at their destination. By calling the hotel, motel, or friend's house where you will be staying, you can learn exactly what they have so that you don't pack anything that you will not need.

Consider the Temperature and Specific Events

This means that you don't need to pack everything in your wardrobe just in case. If you're going to a tropical beach vacation destination, then why do you need to bring the winter clothes? You do not need to pack clothes that you will likely not wear, just in case. Make sure that you check the temperature and weather forecasts and then pack only those clothes which correspond to the conditions of the destination.

Use the Numbers

This means that you should use the number of days you will be staying to help determine the amount of clothes to pack. For example, pack one t-shirt for each day you will be staying. You don't need to take extra t-shirts just so you can decide which ones to wear when you get there. It's also a good idea to only take one or two sweaters, or warmer layers of clothing.

Also take one pair of pants for every two days, but never less than two pairs of pants. You also do not need to pack your entire shoe collection. Two shoes should be sufficient, and this includes one pair that you will be wearing when you leave.


Consider Washing Clothes

If you are staying for more than one week, washing your clothes is a great way to reduce the weight of your luggage. Instead of bringing additional clothes, it is much more efficient to bring enough for one week and then wash the clothes for the next week. If you're going on a two week trip, this can often cut your items in half, which will do wonders for packing lighter.

Make a List

By making a list of everything you plan on packing, and then conducting an itinerary of your items, you can be sure that you did not pack six pairs of underwear for a three day trip. Make sure you stick to your list while you are packing instead of letting an impulse inspire you to take extra clothes or unnecessary items.

More Tips

  • Wear your heaviest shoes and clothes when you leave.
    • By wearing you heaviest clothes when you leave, you will save important space in your suitcase. By packing the lightest items, you will see that you can fit much more into the suitcase.
  • Pack outside the suitcase first.
    • If you place all the items you intend to pack on a bed or dresser first, you will be less inclined to add unnecessary extras.

A Final Note on Packing Light

It may seem a tedious task to take these tips and pack your suitcase in a different way than you've been accustomed to for so long. Yet by packing light you will save money and also avoid being burdened with a heavy suitcase or items that you will never use during your vacation. With airlines charging additional fees for suitcases, perhaps discount clothing optional travel is the best way to go?
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