Travel Accessories in Orlando

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If you are heading off on vacation, it may make more sense to purchase your travel accessories in Orlando. The selection is exceptional year-round, and you'll save time packing for your trip.

Accessories Make the Trip

Accessories can certainly make, or break, a trip. Whether you are looking for a hat, a baby bottle warmer, or a fold-up travel bag to carry home your souvenirs, having the right travel accessories is key.

Sometimes you don't know exactly what you will need until you reach your destination. If you didn't think you'd have time for a few rounds of golf, you probably would not have packed your golf hat or visor. You may have planned on having an in-room coffee pot or hairdryer in your room, but realized when you checked in that these items are not available. Maybe you don't book your return flight until you get to Orlando, only to wish that you had brought a travel pillow for the late night return flight that you ended up reserving.

If you didn't bring everything you need, or if you couldn't find what you need in your hometown, you might want to consider doing a little shopping when you get to Orlando. If you are planning a last minute trip to Orlando, you'll be able to bypass packing many accessory items and find them easily available when you arrive.

Travel Accessories in Orlando

You can purchase or rent the travel accessories you need in Orlando instead of purchasing them at home and packing them in your luggage. By obtaining what you need in Orlando you can:

  • Take advantage of the wide selection of travel accessories offered in the Orlando area
  • Pack fewer items for your trip to Orlando
  • Minimize the amount of luggage you bring with you
  • Purchase or rent items that might be cumbersome to pack


Florida is the sunshine state and a hat or visor can certainly make the difference, particularly in the hotter days of summer. You can opt for something "themed" from one of the park gift shops or you can select from the many clothing and accessory stores throughout the area.

Portable Electronic Accessories

Orlando stores are well-stocked with everything a tourist or conventioneer could need for their computer, cell phone or portable music electronics. If you are going to need additional batteries, battery chargers, or specialized equipment, you might want to consider purchasing what you need in Orlando. There is a wide variety of portable electronic accessories available - and, you'll save the weight and hassle of packing them.

Themed Accessories

If your plan is to purchase a Mickey Mouse carry on bag or backpack you will have lots of choices at the Disney stores. You can either make your purchase at a shop on the park grounds or you might want to visit a Disney store at one of the many shopping malls in and around Orlando.

Mobility Rentals

You can rent wheelchairs and mobility scooters for the day at the theme parks. The rental is usually about $35 a day. Reductions are not given for half-day rentals. If you are planning to visit two parks in one day, check at the first park whether the first rental will also be honored at the second park.

If you are staying for several days, you may find that renting mobility equipment from a medical supply store will be more cost effective. They will deliver your rental to your hotel and pick it up when you no longer need it.

Where to Shop

Some of the more popular places for travel accessories in Orlando are:

  • DisneyWorld - Stores throughout the park offer a variety of travel items.
  • Target - There are five stores in the Orlando area.
  • Everything But Water - One-stop shopping for pool and beach wear.
  • Orlando Premium Outlet - There are hundreds of stores offering everything from travel apparel, luggage, computer supplies and mobile electronics.
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Travel Accessories in Orlando