Travel France - French Regions (D-N)

Regions of France

France is steeped in history, art, culture and beauty. Explore the regions of France with our three-part guide. Check out the French region index to find the area you're looking for!

9 - Franche Comté

The Franche-Comté region is one of the lesser-visited areas of France simply because it isn't as connected by highway or train. Even so, it's worth going the extra distance to see a countryside more stunning than anywhere in France. Over half this region is covered in forests, waterfalls, rivers, and over 80 lakes.

France Comte

10 - Ile de France (Paris)

The throbbing heart of France is here, in Ile de France, where Paris stretches its long arms to influence the world. Paris itself is worth thousands of words, but Ile de France offers even more than this one stunning city. Famous names like Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Louis the XIV, and Napoleon have left their signature on the land with architectural wonders you can barely begin to explore. Head out from the cities to find serene valleys, quaint villages and forests covering the rolling hills.

11 - Languedoc Rousillon

This southern region has a horse-shoe coastline and wide open spaces as you go inland. It was a landing spot for Roman and Phoenician fleets and prehistoric man is known to have walked on this soil. Because of its varied history, Languedoc Rousillon is filled with many styles of art and architecture, with Roman cathedrals sitting alongside gothic houses and ancient huts.

12 - Limousin

The small region of Limousin is a land of chestnut forests, fingers of granite reaching for the sky, and lakes and rivers brushing against each. Many traditional festivals are held in the villages around Limousin, so you'll be hard-pressed to find a reason to stay in your hotel.

13 - Lorraine

Lorraine lays at the northeastern border of France, an area that for centuries has been home to the foot traffic of Europe. A unique mix of cultural influences can still be found in modern Lorraine and the strong artistic culture is still alive and booming. There are numerous nature reserves in this region as well as untouched woodlands and a variety of water sports.

14 - Midi Pyrénées

The Midi Pyrénées region is one of the largest in France. In its north you'll find tree-covered hills, while the southern part is blanketed in immense river valleys. Ancient villages and castles dot the countryside. Midi Pyrénées is an agricultural region that produces a variety of crops such as maize, soy, tobacco, wheat, apples, peaches and plums.

15 - Nord Pas De Calais

The northern tip of France is Nord Pas De Calais. From here you can gaze across the Channel to the southern point of England or hop over to Belgium for a day. The landscape here seems like it can't make up its mind - harsh coastline spills into gentle woods and meadows dotted with marshland. A strong cultural history is kept alive in this region by numerous fairs and festivals.

16 and 17 - Normandy

Studded cliffs just out into the sea in this region of France. Normandy is famous for its fruit farms, so grab an apple and stare across the Channel at the Brits in London. Horse drawn carriages can carry you through the towns and you can wander for miles in untouched countryside.

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Travel France - French Regions (D-N)