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If you are planning to travel Spain Barcelona, we're here to help. We've got the insight into some of the basic facts you'll need to consider as you plan your trip. We've also got some great advice on how to choose activities to do in and around Barcelona, so keep reading! We want to make your trip to Spain a memorable one!

The Basics of Travel Spain Barcelona

While of course you can't learn everything you need to know in one article when it comes to travel Spain Barcelona, gathering a few basic facts will help you feel more informed.

Weather and Packing

Not sure what clothes to pack? Barcelona's seasons are somewhat similar to those in the southern area of the United States.

  • Spring-March through May typically has 50s and 60s on average.
  • Summer-June through August are the summer months, with August temps spiking into the mid 90s on some days.
  • Fall-September through November can be pleasant with temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 60s.
  • Winter-December through February are the winter months, but don't expect extremely cold temps. Average temperatures are usually in the lower 50s.


The obvious language that is spoken in Barcelona is Spanish, of course, but there is another native language…Catalan. Catalan and Spanish are often used interchangeably by the people of Barcelona, but before you panic, be aware that there are many English speaking residents are there as well.


You actually have a choice of several means of transportation, including trains, buses, taxis, and a metro subway system. The metro is one of the most popular transportation choices with subway waits of typically only five minutes or less on any given day. Don't overlook walking, however. When you walk a city's streets, you discover hidden treasures around every corner, and Barcelona is full of breathtaking architecture. Use a map for help in finding your way around the city.

Miscellaneous Facts

Other general tips and facts include the following:

  • Be sure and carry some type of identification including a photo ID with you. This could be your driver's license, but your best bet will be your passport or a photocopy of the passport. You never know when you might be asked to show identification by security, so be prepared!
  • Don't drink the water! At least, not unless it is bottled. Barcelona's water just doesn't have a reputation for tasting very good, although it should be safe to drink if you must.
  • Dress casually for just about anywhere in Barcelona, with the exception of a few upscale restaurants. However, don't forget your shoes, and don't try to enter bars and nightclubs with a sleeveless t-shirt. You may not be admitted if you try.
  • Unfortunately, Barcelona isn't immune to thieves, so be ever vigilant about protecting your money. The currency in Spain is the Euro, but you can also use traveler's checks and credit cards at most places. Access a currency converter here. Invest in a good fanny pack, travel bag, or keep your money in your front pocket, making it inaccessible to pick-pockets. If you carry a purse, sling it across your chest, making it difficult to be grabbed by a would-be purse snatcher.

What to Do

As you travel Spain Barcelona, you'll want to experience as much of this rich city as possible. So, where do you begin? There are so many famous attractions, such as Poble Espanyol de Montjuic (the Spanish Village) and the Picasso Museum, that your biggest problem is planning your days to include everything on your list.

For help and advice, visit Trip Advisor where you can read what others have to say about Barcelona and other areas of Spain. Find a good travel agent and/or visit the following sites will give you a list of activities, accommodations, restaurant recommendations, and night life info as well. Good luck, and have fun!

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