Travel and Tourism in Great Britain

Along the Thames in London

Travel and tourism in Great Britain is booming - both for residents of the UK and for visitors from North America. Great Britain is the island that encompasses England, Wales, and Scotland. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the English, Welsh, and Scottish countryside as well as the friendly and welcoming people and a host of activities. The cities - London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and more - boast world-class dining, shopping, and centuries of history. Here is just a sampling of what Great Britain has to offer.


London, England's capital city, invites visitors to explore hundreds of years of history. Sights, such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament (pictured above), and Kensington Palace, offer a glimpse of British life in other centuries. Shoppers visiting London will delight in Harrods department store, known for its singular service, January clearance sales, and spectacular food department.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds region of England, west of London, is a picturesque district, home to Oxford, Bath, and Stratford-on-Avon. The university town of Oxford is home to the oldest English-speaking college in the world. In addition to visiting the school, tourists can tour the 13th century Carfax Tower; visit Christ Church Cathedral, built by King Henry VIII and Cardinal Woolsey in the mid-16th century; and enjoy the many shops, restaurants, and nightlife in this vibrant town.

The town of Bath was once a Roman spa, built over a natural hot springs. In fact, remnants of the original Roman buildings still exist. Stratford-on-Avon was the home of William Shakespeare. His cottage still stands and welcomes visitors. In addition, Stratford is home to a theater that features the Bard's plays.

The Lake District

The northwest of England is home to the country's "Lake District." This beautiful countryside has inspired poets and writers from Wordsworth to Daniel Defoe to Beatrix Potter. True to its name, the region is home to dozens of lakes and is a popular spot for boating, hiking, and enjoying nature.


The nation of Scotland comprises the northern third of Great Britain. United with England for political and economic reasons, Scotland stills functions independently in regards to laws and education. The majority of the population lives in or around the cities Glasgow and Edinburgh. In addition to exploring the history, cuisine, and shopping in these two metropolises, visitors will want to venture into the countryside, up to the highlands and the whisky (the Scottish drop the "e") trail, where much of the world's Scotch whiskey is produced.


Wales on the west coast of Great Britain is a rugged country that maintains a distinct cultural, though not political, identity from the rest of the island. The Welsh have their own language (a derivation of the original Celtic tongue) and a rich tradition in arts and literature. Much of the country is rural and visitors will enjoy visiting its many historic castles as well as the beautiful coastline.

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  • Visit - the official site of the British Tourist Authority, visit for maps, information on accommodations, rail schedules, events, and sightseeing options, among other tourist information.

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Travel and Tourism in Great Britain