Packing List for International Travel

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Packing List for International Travel

Preparing for an overseas trip can certainly be stressful. Using a packing checklist that includes items specific to international travel as well as standard packing items can help make the process manageable. Of course, packing needs vary from person to person and from trip to trip, while also varying based on season, expected activities and destination. When packing for a trip, it's important to consider all the relevant factors that might impact what you need to add to (or subtract) from the checklist you are using to prepare.

Using LTK's Printable Overseas Travel Packing List

LoveToKnow has created a printable packing checklist for international travel designed to help ensure that you remember the basic items needed for any overseas trip. The attached printable, which you can access by clicking the top image, can easily be customized for your specific needs. Simply click the "-" sign to remove items that you do not need and click the "+" sign to add blank rows that you can label as needed. Use the diskette and printer icons in the menu bar to save and print the document as needed.

If you need help downloading the printable list, check out these helpful tips.

Items Specific to International Travel

Documentation necessary to enter a foreign country and return home is essential for any overseas trip. Other items may be helpful or required based on where you are going and/or what you plan to do upon arrival.

  • Passport
    Passport for International Travel
  • Photocopies of passport identification pages (stored separately from passport)
  • Additional identification documents as needed
  • Copies of prescriptions for medications you are bringing
  • Country-specific travel guide books
  • Currency for destination country
  • Currency conversion table
  • Electrical outlet adapter/plug converter
  • International driver's license
  • Language conversion dictionary or app
  • Money belt
  • Proof of required vaccinations
  • International travel health insurance card or policy
  • Water purification tablets

Basic Items Needed for Every Trip

No matter what type of trip you're going on, there are some basic items that you'll need to take along. Whether you're traveling for one night or an extending period of time, or if you're going on vacation or are taking a business trip, there are some things you won't want to leave home without. Must-pack items for every trip include:

  • Cell phone
  • Clothing (climate and activity-appropriate, one outfit per day)
  • Cosmetics
  • Credit cards
  • Deodorant
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • First aid kit
  • Over-the counter medication
  • Prescription medication
  • Shoes
  • Sleepwear
  • Toiletries
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Trip insurance documentation

Optional Items Based on Personal Preference

Not everyone has the same travel habits. When traveling, it's important to take along the types of items that you need or enjoy using during trips. The items you take may vary based on the type of trip you are getting ready to take and who you will be traveling with. Popular optional items and accessories for travel include:

  • Books
    Travel Pillow
  • Camera
  • Earplugs
  • Computer
  • Extra batteries
  • Exercise equipment
  • Games
  • Magazines
  • Personal listening device
  • Pre-purchased tickets
  • Playing cards
  • Sleep mask
  • Snacks
  • Tablet device
  • Travel pillow
  • Video camera

Activity Specific Items

When preparing for a trip, it's also important to think about the types of activities you plan to engage in when getting your trip packing list together. Also consider if it may be more practical and cost-effective to rent some of the larger items you need when you arrive at your destination rather than paying overseas baggage fees.

The activity-specific section is blank on the attached printable checklist; add line items for each activity you plan to participate in during your trip that you need to bring special equipment for.

Examples of activity specific items that you may want to pack include:

  • Backpacking - Sleeping bag, backpack, hiking shoes or boots, canteen
  • Bird Watching - Binoculars, birding guidebook, notebook
  • Snow Skiing - Ski equipment, thermal underwear, parka
  • Swimming - Bathing suit, beach towel, cover-up, sunscreen
  • Theme Park Trip - Walking shoes, fanny pack

Using a Trip Packing List

Trying to rely on memory when getting ready for an international trip can introduce unnecessary anxiety into a situation that's stressful enough on its own. If you're getting prepared for a trip, don't make the mistake of trying to keep track of the important task of packing by memory alone. Instead, download and customize the free printable trip packing list provided here so you can stay organized and be confident that you have everything you need.

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Packing List for International Travel